The creatures' claws slammed into the floor. The ground immediately rocked back and forth, and countless sharp thorns stabbed out from underground. Many alien monsters and Hell creatures were left reeling from the huge shockwave.

The reanimated creatures pounced over. Their claws were especially sharp, and their movements were rough and cruel. They often stabbed straight into an enemy's body before brutally tearing it in half. Blood and internal organs splattered everywhere.

All those who were allowed to come here were quite strong, with tough bodies. And yet in front of these reanimated creatures’ claws, they were like paper.

Just a moment before, the alien monsters and Hell creatures had one-sidedly slaughtered Ao Yong’s subordinates. They had never expected the tide to turn so quickly.

When he saw his subordinates being massacred, the Firedevil Sea Beast was furious. He charged in with a roar, spitting a fireball at one of the reanimated creatures along the way.

As the reanimated creature saw the fireball, it also opened its mouth. A blast of colorless energy fired out. Previously, that energy had been able to instantly eliminate several Hell creatures. But against the fireball, it was instantly vaporized. Then, the fireball continued toward its target and engulfed its body in flames. The reanimated creature screamed bitterly. Its flesh was soon burned clean away, and in the end, not even bone dregs remained.

Shang Liuyu shivered at the sight. The Firedevil Sea Beast’s strength was unfathomable, as expected. Not even these terrifying monsters were a match for him. She couldn't help but give Zu An a look, but she saw that his attention was completely on the Divine Dragon Immortal Medicine on the elevated platform. It was as if he didn’t see the scene at all. Shang Liuyu opened her mouth, but in the end, she decided not to say anything.


The Bloodthirst Crocodile also rushed over. Its clothes suddenly exploded, revealing its original form. A massive crocodile bit down on the neck of one of thee reanimated creatures. The creature screamed and frantically slashed with its claws and tail to break free. However, the Bloodthirst Crocodile’s body flipped violently. With a crack, the reanimated creature’s head was bitten right off. The leftover body spurted blood everywhere before collapsing to the ground, where it continued to twitch from time to time.

The Shadowhorror Devil didn’t let itself be outdone. It suddenly vanished from its place, and a second later, it appeared in the shadow of one of the reanimated creatures. Its black aura surrounded the monster, which immediately froze. Its eyes were filled with fear, and it collapsed without any sign of life.

Shang Liuyu shivered. This Shadowhorror Devil’s attacks were too strange. He assassinated his target without anyone even knowing how he did it.

Now that these three had joined in, the tide of battle began to reverse. The alien monsters and Hell creatures had only been temporarily caught off guard. After all, they had all been carefully selected to be allowed to enter. Now that they had regained their composure, they began their counterattack. The reanimated creatures were quickly killed and eaten by the alien monsters and Hell creatures, their numbers reduced by a third.

Just then, more than a dozen even larger creatures joined the battle. Only then did the monsters they remember that the statues were a dozen or so meters tall when they first entered, but later, they were far larger. These large creatures seemed to have their own special auras that influenced others. When they joined in, the nearby smaller creatures entered berserk states. Their speed and power increased.

The alien monsters and Hell creatures were caught off guard again, and many of them died. Meanwhile, the large monsters rushed at the Firedevil Sea Beast’s group. However, the Firedevil Sea Beast released a cold snort. He fired a large amount of blazing flames at the monsters.


One of the large monsters also fired a huge ball of energy. Unlike the earlier balls of colorless energy, not only was this ball much bigger, it was full of water element power. When the energy ball collided with the flames, it actually stopped the attack right there!

The Firedevil Sea Beast voiced his surprise. He exerted even more power, and the flames immediately became a bit stronger. The water sphere began to rapidly shrink, clearly unable to hold on anymore. Another large creature released a ball of ice element energy. When the two energies merged together, they finally completely erased the flames.

The Firedevil Sea Beast was furious. He was about to continue attacking when his expression suddenly changed. He quickly dodged to the side.

At almost the same time, a sharp claws suddenly appeared where he had just been. It was as if space itself was about to shatter. A long, bloody gash appeared on the Firedevil Sea Beast’s shoulder. He was clearly already injured.

I was actually injured?

In front of all of these people?


The Firedevil Sea Beast immediately felt as if he was losing too much face. With a furious roar, his entire body surged with flames. He charged at the large creature that had just ambushed him. The creature didn’t react fast enough and was pounced upon. Then, enormous flames immediately swallowed it up. It screamed bitterly as it was burned to ashes.

When the other large creatures saw that, they all rushed over to attack him. The Firedevil Sea Beast had no choice but to admit that even though there was no danger to his life, there was no way for him to get rid of these large creatures in a short amount of time.

The Bloodthirst Crocodile and Shadowhorror Devil didn’t have it easy either. There were several large creatures attacking each of them. Moreover, the creatures all had different elemental powers. Some could spit out balls of electricity, others could control the earth, and still others could release special flames. Even though the monsters' cultivations were profound, they were also caught in a tricky situation.

Zu An and Ka Qier also had many creatures attacking them, but both of them had the same thoughts. From the very start, they hadn’t displayed any strength that was especially great, so the ones that attacked them were just some ordinary smaller creatures. With their cultivation, it wasn’t too hard to deal with them.

The Firedevil Sea Beast, Bloodthirst Crocodile, and Shadowhorror Devil were so angry that their noses were about to become crooked. “Lord of Myriad Transformations, why aren’t you attacking with all your power? We need to eliminate these monsters swiftly!”

You have successfully trolled the Firedevil Sea Beast for +666 +666 +666…

You have successfully trolled the Bloodthirst Crocodile for +666 +666 +666…

You have successfully trolled the Shadowhorror Devil for +666 +666 +666…

These two really are cunning. We three are fighting with our lives on the line here, and yet they’re just waiting to reap all the benefits! Ka Qier is one thing since we’re in different camps. We were even about to kill him, so there’s no way we can blame him for his decision.

But the Lord of Myriad Transformations is on the same side as us!

Zu An said unhurriedly, “I'm currently keeping the Skin-Flaying King in check. Otherwise, he might use this chance to go after both the World Law Beacon and the Divine Dragon Immortal Medicine.”

The three alien monsters choked.

What he says makes sense! Someone does have to keep an eye on the Skin-Flaying King, but why do we feel so unhappy?

Just then, something different happened. Several three-headed, six-armed creatures suddenly appeared. They were much more formidable than the others. Their bodies moved like lightning. Wherever they went, a huge amount of alien monsters and Hell creatures fell.

One suddenly rushed at the Bloodthirst Crocodile, who was caught off guard and had its tail grabbed. The three-headed, six-armed creature brought down one of the weapons it was holding. With a loud noise, the Bloodthirst Crocodile’s tail was actually cut in half!


The Bloodthirst Crocodile screamed miserably. It used its evasion skill several times to flee to a safe location and looked at its severed tail. It felt a bit of alarm and fear. Even though it could regenerate its tail eventually, now that the appendage had been forcibly hacked off like this, the crocodile would need to spend close to a hundred years of time and cultivation to recover.

Just what kind of background did these three-headed, six-armed monsters have? They were actually incredibly powerful!

When they saw what happened to the Bloodthirst Crocodile, the two other alien monsters were shocked. They both withdrew to protect themselves.

The three-headed, six-armed creatures rushed at the most powerful among the alien monsters and Hell creatures. There were several grandmaster rank monsters and Hell creatures that were caught in the creatures’ hands, and were ripped apart before falling like a rain of blood.

Shaang Liuyu was both alarmed and happy to see this. She had previously thought that the alien monsters and Hell creatures were too strong, as apart from the four earth immortal captains, there were also a huge amount of grandmaster and master rank subordinates. She really hadn't been able to imagine how Zu An could defeat so many enemies all alone.

And yet, in the blink of an eye, close to half of the alien monsters and Hell creatures were eliminated. Now, there weren’t many of the grandmaster rank elites left either.