Within the Long clan’s parliamentary hall, everyone who should be present had gathered. The one who shouldn’t have been there was also in attendance: Long Chen.

The moment Long Chen entered, all eyes turned sharply toward him, their gazes piercing like swords. The air grew thick with palpable tension and brewing hostility.

Just days ago, this very hall had hosted an assembly to determine the Long clan’s stance toward Long Chen, yet no conclusive decision had been reached. Now, with an even heavier atmosphere, it felt more akin to a trial. Every member present stared at Long Chen in stony silence.

Three of the four Heavenly Saints had come. After the Heaven Overseer entered alongside Long Chen, he sat down in his own spot.

Long Chen’s gaze swept over the elders, a sardonic smile on his lips. “It seems that I have no choice but to be here. Otherwise, you won’t be able to carry out the assembly. Who would’ve guessed that I, Long Chen, hold such a crucial role in your affairs."

After saying that, Long Chen swaggered in, completely ignoring everyone’s murderous gaze.

Trying to apply mental pressure on him? The Heaven Overseer had long since exposed their tricks to him. Just who was afraid of who?


Everyone had their own seat, except Long Chen. They were clearly planning to hold the assembly as if Long Chen was on trial.

However, if they thought this tactic would unsettle Long Chen, they underestimated him. Without hesitation, Long Chen approached Long Qianxue and took a seat beside her.

Turning to the clan leader with an innocent expression, Long Chen remarked, “Alright, everyone’s here. We can start!”

Long Chen spoke with such authority that an outsider might mistake him for the clan leader holding a trial for someone else. Long Qianxue stared at Long Chen with an odd expression, but a trace of admiration appeared in her eyes. His courage and insight set him apart from all other Long clan disciples. Other than Long Tianrui, she didn’t know anyone else this bold.

“Who do you think you are to sit there?!” Long Zaiye’s furious roar echoed through the hall as he stood up in protest.

That seat had originally belonged to Long Zaiye, but it had been taken by Long Zhantian. Now, Long Chen occupied it.


Glancing at Long Zaiye, Long Chen’s eyes widened in mock surprise. “Oh, it’s you! That day on the martial stage, your disappearing act was quite impressive!”

Long Chen directly touched a nerve. On that day, when Long Zaiye had vanished from the stage, it was evident to everyone that he had fled.

Of course, some brainless people thought that Long Zaiye had been obliterated into a mist of blood, much like Long Qingyun.

Hearing that rumor, Long Zaiye was seething with fury but felt powerless to dispel it. Now, as Long Chen brought it up again, he trembled with anger.

Long Zaiye pointed at Long Chen, his voice shaking with fury. “I-”

“Do you know that at this distance, I can slap you whenever I want? What? Have you gotten addicted to being slapped after last time? Is your face itchy now?” asked Long Chen.



“I? You? Did I stab you too deeply last time? Do you not even know how to speak anymore?” asked Long Chen.

Long Zaiye’s face turned red and inflated like a pig’s head. Suddenly, blood sprayed out of his mouth as he coughed up blood from anger.

As if expecting this, Long Chen opened an umbrella that had appeared in his hand. The blood landed on the umbrella, not a single drop missing.

With a casual wave, Long Chen sent the umbrella back into the primal chaos space. This was the pure essence blood of a Heaven Saint imbued with heaven vein energy, too valuable to waste. Evilmoon could absorb it. “I’ll kill you!” Long Zaiye snapped, his rage boiling over as Long Chen mercilessly tore his old wounds. He had never experienced such humiliation, especially in front of so many people. As he lunged forward, several individuals restrained him.

“To tell the truth, with your power, your life must have been miserable. If you can’t vent your rage, you should just swallow it,” Long Chen solemnly advised him.

Telling someone to swallow their rage was akin to telling them to choke on their own bile and die. Even a person with a calm demeanor would struggle to endure such an insult, let alone someone as hot-tempered as Long Zaiye. “That is enough. This is the parliamentary assembly. By cursing each other and causing a clamor like you don’t know the rules, do you not respect me?” The clan leader finally spoke, his voice thundering through the hall. His reprimand was so intense that Long Chen’s ears shook.

This wizened old man’s pressure was not inferior to the first Heavenly Saint’s, causing Long Chen to feel a moment of light-headedness. When Long Chen saw the clan leader glaring at him, his anger surged.

“I’m not the only one causing a ruckus, nor am I the only one cursing! What are you staring at me for? Shouldn’t one of your eyes be on him?!”

Beside Long Chen, Long Qianxue burst into laughter. Realizing this wasn’t the appropriate place for such a reaction, she hastily turned her head. When she faced forward again, her smile was gone, replaced by her usual icy appearance.

However, the mirth in her eyes could not be concealed. Long Chen’s words were truly lethal, catching even the icy Long Qianxue off-guard.

This tense atmosphere was instantly shattered by Long Qianxue’s laughter. Although she quickly covered it up, the atmosphere grew a bit odd.

The clan leader looked at Long Chen, and Long Chen looked back at the clan leader. Neither was willing to concede. The clan leader’s gaze was like a blade. Although his combat power was inferior to Long Qihua’s, his cultivation base was on the same level, and his gaze contained his will. No disciple dared to meet his eyes.

However, Long Chen’s strongest point was his indomitable will. Countless brushes with death had forged his will into an unbreakable foundation. He was not afraid of anyone’s attempt to intimidate him.

The assembly hall grew quiet. Long Zaiye gritted his teeth in his seat, knowing he couldn’t continue acting recklessly after the clan leader’s intervention.

After a while, realizing he couldn’t suppress Long Chen, the clan leader sat back down, his expression gloomy.

“Tell me, Long Chen, why have you willfully slaughtered so many disciples of my Long clan without reason?”