Chapter 2876: That Day  

Mu Xie solemnly said, "Origin indicates a specific point and place in time, while Tracer means to track the source and deny it. Combined, they become Origin Tracer. It is an unpredictable battle technique. According to my own understanding, if the technique if truly mastered, then it should be possible to undo the past and alter the future. If you can master it, Junior Brother, it would not be impossible for you to deny the event of Ming Yan being injured by Xia Ji."

Lu Yin grew excited. "Can it alter the river of time?"

Mu Xie corrected Lu Yin, "This simply opens up a branch on the river of time."

Lu Yin's eyes were shocked. Was this really possible with a battle technique?

A technique that allowed a person to travel down the long river of time and alter the past was by far the most terrifying time-related ability that Lu Yin had ever heard of. Origin Tracer was not truly wielding the power of time, and yet it somehow surpassed the power of time. If what Lu Yin’s senior brother had said was true, then what could not be accomplished with Origin Tracer?

Were Mister Mu’s battle techniques really that terrifying?


"Senior Brother, have you mastered the technique?" Lu Yin asked.

Mu Xie shook his head. "Right now, I can only deny something that has recently happened, specific to my current battle. I cannot use Origin Tracer to alter the past. I asked Senior Brother Mu Ke about this, and he is incapable of doing this as well. It might be that only Master can do it."

Lu Yin felt disappointed. Was it impossible to do this?

Suddenly, Lu Yin wanted to learn Origin Tracer, but Mister Mu had already said that Lu Yin would only be allowed to learn one of the two unique battle techniques.

While Origin Tracer was an extremely powerful battle technique, Lu Yin already had the ability to chase time, which was actually easier for him to practice. Additionally, he did not want to abandon the Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation. He had a feeling that he was far from realizing the true power of his battle technique.

Lu Yin had gained a better understanding of Mister Mu. He was someone from the same generation as the Origin Progenitor himself, which explained why he was so powerful.


It was no wonder why the abilities and opportunities that Lu Yin had been so proud of in the past had been so worthless in Mister Mu's eyes. The man’s expression had not even changed when Lu Yin had demonstrated his abilities. What could Mister Mu possibly be wary of in the entire megaverse? Only the Aeternals.

"This śarīra of mine has been using Origin Tracer, and it is targeting Ye Bo," Mu Xie stated.

Lu Yin felt puzzled. "Targeting Ye Bo?"

Mu Xie explained, "Origin Tracer is searching through the past for a certain period of time, and I set Ye Bo as my target. Since it is possible to have my śarīra use Origin Tracer to search through time to try to find him, then why not do it?"

"In that case, when will you be able to use Origin Tracer freely again, Senior Brother?" Lu Yin looked forward to it.

Mu Xie shrugged. "Instead of asking me, why don't you ask Senior Brother Mu Ke? He has been cultivating for much longer than me."


"What about Ye Bo? Why did you say that Ye Bo might not be a spy?" Lu Yin was puzzled.

Mu Xie led Lu Yin away. "I have been trying to find him with Origin Tracer for many years, and while I have not succeeded, I have not completely failed either. I’ve captured moments of Ye Bo here and there. It is not a spy, nor a team that Aeternus sends out to harm humanity. In fact, Ye Bo is not even a living creature, which is why no one has been able to catch it. It’s more accurate to call it a consciousness.”

"Consciousness? Like Progenitor Hui's manifested thought?" Lu Yin’s first thought was of Progenitor Hui.

Mu Xie muttered, "That’s possible."

"Who knows about this other you?"

"There shouldn’t be anyone. From the fragments of time that I was able to glimpse, the Aeternals have never contacted Ye Bo. They may have tried to recruit Ye Bo to join them, but they most likely failed."

Lu Yin's eyes flickered. "In that case, are they aware of Ye Bo’s true nature?"

Mu Xie said, "If they knew, they would have never tried to recruit Ye Bo. To my understanding, the reason why Ye Bo has not done much in recent years should be because his consciousness is weakening. Everyone will eventually grow old, especially thoughts. Nothing can last forever, and Ye Bo may have already disappeared. That’s why Humility’s Gate hasn’t focused much on trying to find Ye Bo in recent years.”

"Consciousness?" Lu Yin pondered.

Mu Xie did not bother Lu Yin. The Progenitor knew that his junior brother always had various means available, and things that troubled others might not be difficult for Lu Yin. He might even have a way to find Ye Bo.

"Senior Brother, tell me, is this consciousness a ball?"

Mu Xie stared at Lu Yin blankly.

Lu Yin did not remain with Mu Xie for very long. After parting ways, Lu Yin made his way to the Middle Ocean, where his father was standing guard over the 100,000 currents.

Lu Qi was thrilled by Lu Yin's visit.

Lu Qi had taken over an island, and he spent every day fishing and drinking. Like so, he had grown quite bored.

"Son, watch as your dad catches you a huge fish!" Lu Qi said excitedly.

Lu Yin looked around at the simple wooden house and the sunny beach. While it looked quite relaxing, it was also very simple. The only spot of bright color was a large flower garden behind the hut.

"Has anyone been by to see you?" Lu Yin asked.

Lu Qi smiled. "Everyday. It’s annoying to have visitors all the time."

Lu Yin nodded and stopped asking questions.

He had lost his memories as Lu Xiaoxuan, so even though Lu Qi was Lu Yin’s biological father, the two were rather uncomfortable when spending time together. However, Lu Yin wanted to learn more about Lu Xiaoxuan.

As soon as Lu Xiaoxuan was mentioned, Lu Qi felt a wave of guilt, and he took a sip of wine. "Your father’s useless. We’re such a big family, and yet we’re forced to depend on a child like you. In the past, you had many friends, and the reputation of the Seven Heroes had spread throughout the entire Perennial World. Countless people envied you, and so many women wanted to get close to you.

"The Lu family has suffered, and your memories were sealed while you lost your cultivation and were thrown to the Fifth Mainland. You rose back up from being an ordinary human. Your father is such a waste. If I hadn’t been fooling around, I would have already become a Progenitor back then, and then maybe our Lu family and you wouldn’t have had to suffer so badly.”

Lu Yin sat down and faced the sea breeze. He then very softly asked, "Ancestor Lu Yuan was blocked by the Great Sovereign. Why couldn't Ancestor Tianyi deal with the four ruling powers that day?"

Lu Yin had not asked Lu Tianyi this question. Asking the question would sound like Lu Yin blamed the man for what had happened. Still, it was a question that many people wondered about.

What kind of cultivation did Lu Tianyi possess? From the days of the ancient Heavens Sect to the present, he was undoubtedly one of the most powerful individuals to live. Even if Ancestor Lu Yuan was currently awake and often showed up instead of Lu Tianyi, it was because Ancestor Lu Yuan felt guilty towards his family. However, this did not mean that Lu Tianyi was weak and could not settle the problems at hand.

Lu Tianyi had conferred the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas as his gods, and he had faced off against all of the Seven Skygods on his own while in the Perennial World, and he had even dared to fight against True God. Even if this was only possible because the Aeternals had all been shunned from the Fifth Mainland, Lu Tianyi’s own strength had to be utterly terrifying. Lu Yin could not understand the man’s strength at all.

No one knew the true limits of Lu Tianyi’s power.

How could such a powerful cultivator have been exiled by Bai Wangyuan and the others at his level of power? Even with the Yellow Springs, how could the Python Ancestor have managed to deal with Lu Tianyi? It was simply impossible.

Lu Qi lowered his drink. "Didn't you ask Ancestor Tianyi about this?"

Lu Yin shook his head.

Lu Qi's eyes took on a rare somberness. "The day that we were exiled coincided with the day that you and that bitch Bai Xian'er were to be married. Food Paradise was raised up to stand next to the Lu Sanctum. The entire Perennial World was celebrating and blessing your wedding.

“They took advantage of that day, and the Yellow Springs managed to take down most of our family members, and even some of our Progenitors had their strength greatly reduced. The Great Sovereign blocked our ancestor’s perception, and the Python Ancestor rolled over, shoving the Lu Sanctum out."

Lu Qi remained silent for a moment. "I personally watched as the Seven Heroes fell. Xiaoxuan, they died for your sake."

A tremor ran through Lu Yin's body, but he said nothing and simply listened quietly.

"Qian'er and Little Mo both died." Lu Qi seethed with fury, and he crushed his wine bottle with a bang. "They were your eldest sister and second brother. All of the others were your sworn siblings, and I treated them all as my own children. I saw them all fall, one after another.

"It's good that you lost your memories. Your father doesn't want you to suffer through that pain again. Your brothers and sisters died, one by one, right in front of you. The despair that you suffered caused you to lose consciousness.

“There was a direct connection between their deaths and our Lu family’s exile.”

Lu Yin stared at Lu Qi. "Who was it?"

Lu Qi shook his head. "I don't know, but they were powerful, and they had never appeared before that. First, they restrained Ancestor Tianyi’s sequence particles, and after that, they moved towards you. Qian’er was the first to try to protect you, and the attack shot right through her. Right after that, Big Ye, Xingxing, Little Pebble, Lingdang, and Little Mo all tried to protect you, and they died for it. That attack pierced through each one of them, and aside from you, the Seven Heroes died in Food Paradise.

"After we were exiled, I discussed that matter with Ancestor Tianyi. But he had no idea where that attack had come from. He had never felt that power before, but it was definitely not the power of the Aeternals, nor of anyone from the four ruling powers, and not even the Great Sovereign’s. The strangest thing was that, while that power that had appeared was powerful enough to fight against Ancestor Tianyi, you were the target." Lu Qi looked at Lu Yin. "That is the greatest mystery to all of us. Why were you attacked?”

Lu Yin clenched his fists. As Lu Qi shared what had happened, broken images occasionally appeared in Lu Yin’s mind. He saw the blood-stained Food Paradise and heard voices call out "Little Seven!" and "Quickly, go!" as those images appeared in his vision. His big sister Lu Qian, second brother Lu Mo, third brother Nong Ye, fourth sister Long Xing, fifth brother Liu Shi, and sixth sister Wan Lingdang had all stood in front of him, one by one to face the attack aimed at him.

It had come from someone powerful enough to fight against Ancestor Tianyi, so it should have easily killed Lu Yin. But in an almost teasing manner, it had instead slaughtered his brothers and sisters one by one, leaving Lu Yin alive.

Who had it been?

Lu Yin's eyes flushed red.

"Our ancestors asked me not to tell you about this. They wanted to wait until after their murderer was found, but I’m more worried because I have no idea when that person might target you again. If someone powerful enough to face off against Ancestor Tianyi launches a sneak attack, who can stop it?" Lu Qi felt completely helpless.

Lu Yin slowly unclenched his hand. "Don't worry, I've experienced a great deal over the years, and I won't be impulsive just because of what you’ve told me."

Lu Qi breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked down at the broken shards of his wine bottle. With a wave of his hand, he brought out another bottle.

"Where was Bai Xian'er? What was she doing at that time?"

"Bai Xian'er? I didn’t pay attention to her."

Lu Yin looked up and let out a breath. "She was the one who asked me to move Food Paradise up next to the Lu Sanctum."

Lu Qi paused. "What are you getting at?"

Lu Yin was not sure himself, but the entire thing seemed strange. It seemed that everything had been leading to the Lu family’s exile, but then, why had Bai Xian'er known about the seal that had been placed on Lu Yin? Since she had known, then given her power, why had she not gone to the Fifth Mainland to eliminate Lu Yin once and for all before he rose up to power once again? She was the one who had caused Food Paradise to be raised up beside the Lu Sanctum. If not for that, the powerhouse who was capable of fighting against Lu Tianyi might not have been able to attack the distant Food Paradise.

Finally, it had been the rain of Bai Xian’er’s red flowers that had heralded the end of the Lu family’s home in the Higher Realm.

If anyone tried to claim that Bai Xian'er was nothing more than a bit of eye candy, Lu Yin would never believe it.

She was the only person who had ever managed to ignore the power that Lu Yin cultivated in his heart, and she seemed to possess a similar level of power. She was not at all as simple as she appeared.

Too much was hidden about her, and even after so long, Lu Yin could not see through Bai Xian’er.

The more hidden she was, the more uneasy Lu Yin felt.