Chapter 2486   - Thousand Lamps Promise (The End)

After killing Jin Jue, Lin Yun felt relieved because this karma had tied him down for a long time.

“Aren’t you too harsh on the Demon Gate?” Lil’ Purple asked.

Not only did Lin Yun kill Jin Jue, but even Lil’ Purple felt that Lin Yun was domineering when he was in Demon Gate. This was unlike Lin Yun’s usual temperament. This was why she had a question after they left the Demon Gate.

“I’m not harsh, but I need a strong stance in the Demon Gate. Let me ask you, do you think the four Emperors will submit to An Liuyan when she receives the inheritance of the Demon Emperor when she wasn’t even in the Emperor Realm?” Lin Yun replied.

“Most importantly, they came to help my master’s tribulation with the condition that An Liuyan would sever her ties with me. Aren’t they taking advantage of the situation? Being benevolent won’t work against them, and I know them well,” Lin Yun replied. He had interacted with many demonic cultivators since he came to Kunlun Realm.

“I see,” Lil’ Purple replied.


Lin Yun continued, “But they’re a joke, thinking that I got close to An Liuyan to control the Demon Gate.”

He was already benevolent to the Demon Gate. He wasn’t bloodthirsty, but he wouldn’t go easy on his enemies. He only injured an Emperor in the Demon Gate, which could be considered a lesson for them.

Lin Yun wandered around the Kunlun Realm and interacted with various emperors, visiting all the immortal holy lands.

Two months later, he had a massive harvest after visiting every holy land, and his tenth-grade sword intent was powerful.

“Where are we going now? The Heavenly Dao Sect or the Sword Sect?” Lil’ Purple knew Lin Yun would visit the two places before heading to the God Burial Mountain Range. magic

“The Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain,” Lin Yun said.


“You scumbag, why are you going there?” Lil’ Purple yelled. She knew that Lin Yun would see Mu Xueling.

“I’m not doing anything. As the most mysterious holy land, I naturally have to visit them,” Lin Yun smiled bitterly.

“Don’t explain! You’re trying to cover up when you explain, and you must be going to see Mu Xueling!”

“I’m not.”

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” Lil’ Purple wouldn’t listen no matter how Lin Yun tried to explain.

The reality was as Lil’ Purple had predicted because the first person Lin Yun went to see in the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain was Mu Xueling, who was happy to see Lin Yun.


“I’m here to see you,” Lin Yun smiled.

“Let me bring you around,” Mu Xueling smiled.

“My honor.” Lin Yun smiled and placed the sword box on the mountain before strolling around with Mu Xueling.

“ARGHHHHH!” Lil’ Purple was furious in the Iris Secret Realm, imagining the Phoenix Tree as Lin Yun, and she punched it. But things weren’t as severe as she imagined because Lin Yun and Mu Xueling merely strolled around and discussed music dao.

Among all the women Lin Yun knew, Mu Xueling’s beauty was unique and serene.

“That’s?” When they came to the grave mountain, Lin Yun saw the Empress again. She had become youthful once more with her cultivation reaching the Emperor Realm.

Mu Xueling said, “The holy master helped her treat her injuries, and she will come to sit before the Southern Emperor’s grave every sunset.”

“I’ve been feeling guilty about it. If possible, I don’t even want her cultivation to fall from the Quasi-Deity Realm,” Lin Yun heaved in relief. He was speaking the truth because the Empress would greatly help the Kunlun Realm. But he could do nothing when the Empress insisted on fighting to the end.

Lin Yun didn’t stay long in the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain and had a fragrance on him when he left the following day. “Why do you have a fragrance on you?” Lil’ Purple asked in suspicion.

“Do I?” Lin Yun asked, feigning ignorance.

“You do!” Lil’ Purple said in a confident tone. “You must have something hidden from me. Scumbag, tell me what you did!”

“Let’s go back to the Sword Sect,” Lin Yun smiled bitterly and comforted Lil’ Purple along the way. When he met Ye Ziling and others, he left behind the treasures he had to everyone, including his insight into sword dao.

When he met Ye Guhan, he handed the painting and two seals over, which Ye Guhan received with a complicated gaze.

“Where’s Senior Brother Feng Jue?” Lin Yun asked. He had seen all his martial siblings, including Jian Jingtian. But he couldn’t see Feng Jue anywhere.

“You’re still unaware? Junior Brother Feng has reached the Saint Realm, instantly grasping the seventh-grade sword intent, and he’s still making swift progress in his cultivation,” Ye Guhan smiled. He continued, “Master brought him along to guide him. Hehe, master wasn’t wrong that Junior Brother Feng is a genius in the late phase. He’s not far away from reaching the Great Saint Realm.”

Lin Yun was stunned and smiled, “This has resolved a concern of mine.”

“Speaking of which, where are the two mistresses?” Lin Yun suddenly asked. He smiled, “What did master do about them?”

“Why don’t you guess?” Ye Guhan smiled and gave a wink.

“How am I going to guess?” Lin Yun smiled bitterly.

“They got together!” Ye Guhan knocked Lin Yun’s head. He smiled, “Don’t ask about the rest. You can imagine it yourself, and we’re in no position to speak of our master’s private affairs.”

“What about my other master?” Lin Yun smiled, holding onto his head.

“Him? He has gone to the Divine Dragon Grave to take revenge and seek an opportunity to reach the Emperor Realm,” Ye Guhan explained.

In the end, Lin Yun left the Sword Sect after three days and headed to the Heavenly Dao Sect with Ye Guhan. When Lin Yun revisited the Heavenly Dao Sect, he was filled with complicated emotions. It felt like a dream that he joined the Heavenly Dao Sect as Ye Qingtian.

Ye Guhan smiled, “What’s the matter? Our Holy Maiden Killer has forgotten about everything you did here?”

“I’m not,” Lin Yun retorted.

“Hahaha! Don’t argue with me. Everyone remembers how to peek at the holy maiden showering.”

“It has nothing to do with me.”

“You’re still refusing? Bai Shuying told me that you went to find the Solar Lunar Divine Rune, and you stayed underwater.”

“Ye Qingtian did it. What has it got to do with me, Lin Yun? Don’t slander me!”

“You’re shameless!” Lin Yun and Ye Guhan joked around as they came to where the Dao Yang Holy Son and Bai Shuying stayed. They have been in the Heavenly Dao Sect, trying to summon the Emperor Sword back.

“How is it?” Lin Yun asked after a simple greeting.

“The Emperor Sword has a huge temper and isn’t unwilling to return with us. It even toyed around with us!” Bai Shuying replied.

“The sword is messing with us. It was purposely found by us and played catch with us,” the Dao Yang Holy Son said helplessly.

“Alright, let me deal with it. I remember that it scared me in the past,” Lin Yun smiled. The last time he saw the Emperor SSword, it was afraid of him and didn’t dare to get close.

His soul left his body when Lin Yun sat with his eyes closed. He didn’t take long to reach a desolate planet and see the Emperor Sword. When Emperor Sword sensed his existence, it stayed there and didn’t escape, as Lin Yun had become much stronger than he was before.

“Stay behind!” Lin Yun waved his hand and released his sword intent, but the Emperor Sword retreated.

“Why are you running? Why are you so afraid of me in the first place?” Lin Yun asked. He knew that this sword must be spiritual and could communicate with him.

“I’m not afraid of you, but the sword in your body,” the Emperor Sword said helplessly.

“Mhm? Can you sense my main body?”

“Isn’t that obvious? I’m the Emperor Sword and can sense your main body in the Heavenly Dao Sect.”

“Do you recognize that sword?”

“Who doesn’t recognize the Fuxi Sword? I can be considered the king of the Kunlun Realm, but Fuxi Sword is the king of the universe. It’s an ominous sword that once slaughtered through hell. Back then, the Blue Dragon Ancestral Deity killed the owner, but even he couldn’t subdue the sword. You better not let it come out, or it will kill you immediately.” Hearing what the Emperor Sword Saint, Lin Yun realized that the Blue Dragon Ancestral Deity didn’t lie to him. The Blue Dragon Ancestral Deity used this sword to help him reincarnate, but this was an ominous sword that even the Emperor Sword feared.

“Why are you not willing to return? Kunlun Realm’s tribulation is arriving, and it’s time for you to return.”

“I’m waiting for you. Otherwise, who’s that free to toy around with those two kids?”

When Lin Yun opened his sword, he wore a smile that brought a smile to Dao Yang Holy Son and Bai Shuying. freewebnovel. com

“You succeeded?”

Before Lin Yun could reply, a sword ray descended, giving off a majestic aura that caused the Heavenly Dao Sect to tremble.

Lin Yun reached out to grab the sword, and his sword aura exploded.

“Heh, don’t let go. Let me play with it!” The Emperor Sword sensed Fuxi Sword’s aura, wanting to snap it, but it wasn’t afraid of the Fuxi Sword in Kunlun Realm. At the same time, all the swords in Kunlun Realm flew over, bowing to the Emperor Sword.

Ultimately, the Heaven Sword and Dao Sword also flew over with the two sword-bearers kneeling on the ground. freewebn(o)vel

“We greet the Emperor!” The Thousand Plume Great Saint bowed with all the peak masters. They were emotional because the Emperor Sword finally returned to the Heavenly Dao Sect.

“We greet the Emperor!” Dao Yang Holy Son and Bai Shuying cupped their fists together.

It was a rule that the master of the Emperor Sword would become the Heavenly Dao Sect’s sect master.

“Everyone, you all are too polite!” Lin Yun let go of the Emperor Sword and cupped his fists together. Even if he wasn’t willing to admit it, the Heavenly Dao Sect was determined to fuse with the Sword Sect, becoming the strongest Sword Sect in the Kunlun Realm.

Ten days later, Lin Yun placed the Emperor Sword in the sword box and headed to the God Burial Mountain Range under the gazes of all Emperors in Eastern Desolation.

In Divine Dragon Year 3009, Lin Yun entered the God Burial Mountain Range with everyone’s hope. Two years later, Lin Yun emerged from the God Burial Mountain Range after resolving the threat inside.

No one knew what happened inside, but they only knew that the demonic aura had vanished in the God Burial Mountain Range. This meant that all the Deities sealed in the God Burial Mountain Range were killed.

Spending another year, Lin Yun reforged the Heavenly Path, and Kunlun Realm instantly underwent a drastic transformation. All the Emperors could sense the change in spiritual energy.

On the summit of Kunlun Realm’s Mount Tai, Lin Yun stood there with the Heavenly Path in front of him, which led outside Kunlun Realm. He had already made arrangements and plans to leave as Yue Weiwei and Ji Zixi were waiting for him.

He was certain that his kid must be born in the Heavenly Desolate Realm and wanted to meet his child.

“Empress, time to scatter the lamps.”

“Okay!” Lil’ Purple waved her hand, and three thousand lamps hovered above Mount Tai. Each lamp represented an opportunity, which would be concealed in time-space by the Nirvana Divine Rune, awaiting the chosen one.

The only lamp Lin Yun didn’t engrave the Nirvana Divine Rune on was sent to the Profound Amber Realm’s Azure Sky Sect’s young sect master.

“Lin Yun, time to leave,” Lil’ Purple said.

Looking at the lamps, Lin Yun said, “Empress, I want to make a promise with Kunlun Realm. If all three thousand lamps are found, I will return regardless of whatever trouble they face.”

“Thousand lamps promise?”

“Thousand lamps promise. This is my agreement with Kunlun Realm,” Lin Yun nodded.

With that, the story belonging to Flower Burial had ended in Kunlun Realm, but the lamps would witness another legend.

Looking back at Kunlun Realm, Lin Yun smiled as he stepped on the Heavenly Path.

I am Flower Burial, burying both people and flowers alike!

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