Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. His expression slowly became grave. If he was unable to receive it this time around, it was likely that he would really die...

“Hun Tiandi, you might be prepared but so am I!”

Xiao Yan stared at Hun Tiandi. His hand seal changed. After which, he widened his mouth. Bright brilliant light shot out. Finally, it soared with the wind. It actually turned into a square that appeared in the sky.

“Heavenly Flame Square?”

Gu Yuan and the rest were startled as they looked at the somewhat familiar thing. That thing was surprisingly the Heavenly Flame square that was taken out from the Ancient God Mansion. However, those Heavenly Flame did not have much strength. They were mere tokens. Could it be that Xiao Yan was planning to rely on this to block Hun Tiandi’s formation?

The Heavenly Flame square floated in the sky. Xiao Yan’s body moved and appeared in the sky above the square. The brilliant flame seal on his brow suddenly danced intensely. An indescribable thought fluctuation spread from within the fire seal. It spread over the entire Dou Qi continent at an extremely terrifying speed!


“In the name of the flame Di, all flames in the world listen to my command!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were suddenly opened. Brilliant flame surged from within his body. A voice that filled with pressure resounded in a vast and mighty fashion over the entire Dou Qi continent.!

“The twenty-third rank on the Heavenly Flame ranking, Mysterious Yellow Flame, in position!”

Brilliant flame lingered around Xiao Yan’s body. He appeared like the emperor of all flames. After this cry sounded, a loud explosion sounded from a mountain that was fifty thousand kilometres from the Central Plains. A deep yellow flame shot out. Finally, it became like a falling star that cut through the sky. It penetrated through the space. Within a short instant, it had already appeared above the Central Plains. Finally, it directly landed on the stone pillar on the Heavenly Flame square.


After this deep yellow flame shot into the stone pillar. The Mysterious Yellow Flame rising from it suddenly soared. It turned into a fire pillar shot towards the sky.


“Twenty-second on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. Ten Thousand Beast Spirit Flame, in position!”

“Twenty-first on the Heavenly Flame Ranking...”

Nineteenth on the Heavenly Flame Ranking, Green Lotus Core Flame, in position!” A pale green flame surged out from within Xiao Yan’s body and charged towards a stone pillar.

Countless individuals were completely stunned as they watched this spectacular scene. Each time Xiao Yan’s cry sounded, there would be a Heavenly Flame breaking through the space and arriving. Finally, it would obey his order and enter the stone pillar. That appearance was as though Xiao Yan had transformed into the emperor of all flames. None of these flames dared disobey him!

This spectacular scene caused one’s blood to boil from excitement when looking at it. That all mighty feeling of having everything in the world obey one’s orders caused one to feel an incomparable respect and envy.

“Seventh on the Heavenly Flame Ranking, Nine Quiet Gold Ancestor Flame, in position!”


Xiao Yan once again cried out loud in the sky. Yan Jin’s body suddenly trembled as he stood below. Golden flame broke free from his body in an uncontrolled manner and rushed into the stone pillar.

The next few Heavenly Flames might possess their respective owners but all of them easily escaped from the bodies of their owners after being summoned by Xiao Yan. They were subsequently shot into the stone pillars.

“Third on the Heavenly Flame Ranking, Purifying Demonic Flame, in position!”

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. Little Yi also rushed out from his body and shot into a stone pillar. A pink fire pillar shot towards the sky.

At this moment, there were already twenty-one Heavenly Flame fire pillar on the Heavenly Flame square. The aura from them could be described as earthshaking!

This scene also caused Hun Tiandi to be greatly shocked. He could vaguely feel an unease.

Those brilliant eyes of Xiao Yan had turned towards Hun Tiandi when the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame shot into the fire pillar. His hand seal changed as he cried out in a cold voice, “Second on the Heavenly Flame Ranking, Nihility Devouring Flame, in position!”

Hun Tiandi’s body suddenly shook as the cry sounded. The Nihility Devouring Flame, which he had devoured for a long time, had actually once again showed traces of recovery!


Hun Tiandi’s heart was a little horrified. He could sense that if Xiao Yan was really allowed to gather all the Heavenly Flames, the attack that he could unleash would be sufficient to defeat him. Hence, he must not allow the Nihility Devouring Flame to also be summoned by Xiao Yan. A thought quickly flashed through his heart as he hurriedly blocked the summoning strength that originated within Xiao Yan’s body.

“You have actually devoured the Nihility Devouring Flame? How ruthless!”

A surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he detected the ripple from within Hun Tiandi’s body. He immediately laughed coldly as he suddenly cried out loud, “Nihility Devouring Flame, just how long more are you going to wait before you act?”


Xiao Yan’s cry had just sounded when Hun Tiandi’s body suddenly trembled. A black coloured flame finally broke out from within his body. Finally, he swiftly charged out of the Dou Qi square and turned into a human figure.

“Hun Tiandi, since you wish to devour me, I will definitely drag you down with me even if I die!”

The Nihility Devouring Flame appeared. His eyes were ferocious as he looked at Hun Tiandi. Suddenly, he turned his head. Those ferocious eyes, which he was using to look at Xiao Yan, had become a little strange. He was able to sense the pressure that originated from Xiao Yan.

“Flame Di Xiao Yan, ha ha, you have the ability to summon all flames in this world. Today, I will obey your orders!”

The Nihility Devouring Flame laughed out loud with an ugly expression. After which, he entered the final stone pillar in front of Hun Tiandi’s furious eyes.


After the Nihility Devouring Flame shot into the final stone pillar, a black flame pillar also shot towards the sky. Twenty-two flame pillars were slowly shifted. Finally, they gathered in the midair. A brilliant coloured ancient ruler had actually appeared at the point where the flames merged.

“Heavenly Flame Lengthen Ancient Ruler!”

The eyes of Gu Yuan and the rest suddenly shrunk after they saw the ancient ruler with brilliant flames. Their voices had become sharp because of shock.

“That legendary Heavenly Flame Lengthen Ancient Sword has actually appeared through this!” Zhu Kun was dull as he watched this scene and muttered. This was a mysterious object that only existed during the ancient times. Very few of those ancient experts had even seen it before...

“Offer sacrifices to the blood sword!”

A shock had also rose in Hun Tiandi’s eyes at this moment. Immediately, he cried out explosively in a sharp voice.

This time around, a commotion broke out in the army from the Hun clan after hearing his cry. There was hardly anyone who flew forward.


A brutal expression flashed across his eyes after Hun Tiandi saw this scene. Blood blades cut across the sky. It directly charge into the Hun clan army. Blood light flashed. Countless of heads flew. Within the blink of an eye, only seventy to eighty percent of the Hun clan army remained. All those who were left revealed terrified expressions as they looked at Hun Tiandi. Their faces were completely pale.

The blood blade seemed to have grown a pair of blood coloured eyes after having absorbed the fresh blood of so many experts. Those eyes were filled with an endless chill and evil aura as they looked at this world.

“You are even willing to kill your own clan members. The word ‘beast’ is indeed a suitable description for you!” Xiao Yan’s expression was icy cold as he looked at this action of Hun Tiandi. His voice contained some disdain. Such a person was really too unlikable.

“The winner is king. The process doesn’t matter. If I am victorious today, the nortirity will naturally be bared by you in the future!”

Hun Tiandi laughed wildly towards the sky. He appeared somewhat crazy. Immediately, another mouthful of essence blood was spat out. He grabbed the blood blade and the incomparably sharp edges directly cut his palm. Blood flowed wildly. Subsequently, they were quickly devoured by the blood blade.


Hun Tiandi’s blood hair was scattered. His expression was ferocious and frightening. His foot took a stride through the empty air and the blood blade in his hand swelled suddenly. Next, his body directly appeared on the Heavenly Flame square. The blood blade turned into a blood glow as it penetrated through the empty space. It shot towards Xiao Yan in front of the countless pairs of eyes!

Xiao Yan’s expression became increasingly grave as he looked at the blood blade, which contained an endless amount of danger. He deeply exhaled a breath of lightning aura. He grabbed with his hand and the ancient ruler formed by the twenty-two Heavenly Flames landed in his hand. He took a stride forward. The brilliant fire ancient ruler cut through the space. It was accompanied by an endless terrifying strength as it ruthlessly slashed onto the blood light.


Terrifying storm swept wildly over the sky. The defensive barrier of the Sky Mansion Alliance was cut almost instantly. Everyone within it were sent flying by ten thousand feet. Even the meteorite had exploded into dust at the location of the star realm.

Terrifying wind directly forced the Heavenly Flame square floating in the sky towards the ground. Finally, it smashed and formed a fifty thousand kilometre large deep pit on the ground.

Those in the air, who still had the ability to fly, swiftly appeared in the sky around the deep pit. Their eyes hurriedly looked towards the deep pit. Everyone knew that a victor would be decided through the all out battle between the two!

Countless pairs of eyes gathered on the Heavenly Flame square. Two miserable blood covered figures were climbing onto their feet. The two Dou Di Bodies had also been shattered during the earlier intense big clash.

“Ha ha, Xiao Yan, even if you can defeat me today, you are still unable to kill me. Once I recover in the future, I will definitely get you to pay a bloody price!”

Hun Tiandi struggled to get up. After which, he staggered as he rose into the air. Waves of weary feeling spread from within his body. His eyes were savage as he looked at Xiao Yan below with great unwillingness. A hissed and laughed.


Xiao Yan coughed violently a couple of times. His face was as pale as sheet. Blood wildly spluttered out from his mouth. This intense battle was far too cruel. However, he must not allow this potential danger to flee no matter what. Otherwise, calamity would continue to befall the continent!

“Ha ha, why would I allow you to leave...”

Xiao Yan wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, a strange smile appeared on his face. The Heavenly Flame square slowly rose into the air. Suddenly, Xiao Yan’s body revealed a brilliant fire glow. The square suddenly trembled as this brilliant flame appeared. Another bright coloured stone pillar rose at the middle of the square.

A smile rose on Xiao Yan’s pale face as he looked at the stone pillar. His body shook and it actually began to burn at this moment.

“Self igniting your Dou Di body? Xiao Yan, you are committing suicide!”

Hun Tiandi’s face immediately paled from shock after seeing this action of Xiao Yan. If the latter was to self ignite his own Dou Di body, he would at least need a couple of hundred years or longer in order to once again refine and create it. Moreover, it was also possible that he would fail to successfully refine it. The price was quite a severe one.

Xiao Yan merely smiled calmly in the face of Hun Tiandi’s stern cry. The flame on his body became increasingly intense.

“Alliance chief!”

“Flame Di is righteous!”

Countless number of people in the entire place seemed to be aware of Xiao Yan’s act of risking his life. Immediately, a huge sea of black masses began to kneel onto the ground.

“My body shall turn into a Heavenly Flame to seal you forever. Hun Tiandi, let the calamity of this continent come to an end!”

Xiao Yan’s body had completely turned into a cluster of brilliant flame. The other Heavenly Flames on the Heavenly Flame square dimmed slightly in the face of this cluster of flame. They emitted a low humming sound, appearing as though they were subordinates who had met their emperor.

The flame had rushed into the final stone pillar after it was formed. Immediately, twenty-three fire pillars gathered. It directly formed an unusually mysterious array on the Heavenly Flame square.

Hun Tiandi’s face turned ashen as he looked at this flame array. He could sense an aura of death from it. His body hurriedly pulled back.


However, the huge Heavenly Flame square broke through the empty space and appeared below him just as his body was withdrawing. The formation swept over the place and sucked Hun Tiandi into it.


“My Hun clan’s thousand year preparation has actually been ruined in your hands. Xiao Yan, I am unwilling to accept this... unwilling to accept this!”

The formation turned into various fire threads in front of the countless pairs of eyes. They entwined around Hun Tiandi’s body. The latter swiftly melted after being entwined by the fire threads. Finally, he turned into a cluster of spiritual light. At this moment, Hun Tiandi’s sharp roar had also rumbled across the world.

The fire threads had turned into a huge cocoon the moment the light cluster appeared. Finally, it slowly landed on the Heavenly Flame square and slowly sunk deep into it. Many mysterious fire symbols wrapped around the entire square like a seal!

Countless individuals on the ground looked at the fire cocoon that was being suppressed in the Heavenly Flame square. Their bodies involuntarily trembled. They had finally been relieved from the over half a year of doomsday like feeling today!

“Has it succeeded?”

Gu Yuan and the rest wore stunned expressions as they watched the Heavenly Flame square floating in the sky and heard the earthshaking cheers on the Central Plains. Had they finally stopped this calamity?

“We... have succeeded...”

A moment later, the stunned emotion on their faces gradually turned into wild joy. Gu Yuan and the rest exchanged glances. Their mood surged. Finally, they involuntarily laughed out loud. This time around, their laughter was completely without fear.

“Xiao Yan...”

Xub Er and Cai Lin by the side were startled as they looked at the Heavenly Flame Ranking. A moment later, they hurriedly rushed towards the Heavenly Flame square like lunatics.

The both of them saw many Heavenly Flame pillars when they arrived at the square. Their eyes immediately focused on a brilliant flame at the middle. However, there was no one standing there like they had anticipated. Both women seemed to have been struck by lightning at that moment. Their pretty faces were white as tears involuntarily rolled down.


A weak cough suddenly sounded while both women were depressed and in despair. The fire glow on the fire pillar moved and a somewhat illusory figure appeared in front of the duo.

“I’m still alive. It is just that I have destroyed my physical body. All I need to do is to create another one in the future...” Xiao Yan was pale as he looked at the two women and spoke in a weak manner.

Two pretty figures pounced at him after Xiao Yan’s laughter sounded. They violently collided into his embrace.

“Do not go and become a hero again the next time...” No one knew who had grumbled amidst the crying.

“If I don’t, this entire continent would be destroyed...” Xiao Yan sighed softly in his heart. He immediately smiled and nodded, “This will be the last time...”

Xiao Yan’s eyes glaced at the middle of the Heavenly Flame square as he uttered those words. A Dou Di soul was sealed under it. He would be gradually refined by the flame within the darkness.

The big fight might be miserable but it was fortunate that he had emerged victorious...

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at the Central Plains, which had been ruined to the point of being covered with holes. A feeling of ease that Xiao Yan had never felt before, spread from deep within his soul.

“I can finally rest...”

Xiao Yan hugged the two women on the Heavenly Flame square and slowly shut his eyes.

Xiao Yan had worked hard for many years because of various reasons. It seemed that the result he had obtained was not bad...

“Flame Di, Xiao Yan...”

Xiao Yan curled his lips into a smile as he muttered to himself, “Ancestor Xiao Xuan, I have helped you completed what you have failed to achieve...”