Chapter 5968: The Line Between Victory and Defeat  

Chapter 5968: The Line Between Victory and Defeat  

Jie Tian and the others returned to the remnant, but they didn’t enter the chess door to apprehend Chu Feng. Despite knowing that Chu Feng held the key to clearing this remnant, they dared not follow him out of fear of the means he possessed.

Instead, they tried to contact the Spirituality Sacred Clansmen, who possessed special means that allowed them to transmit information even from a far distance away. They thought that Chu Feng would continue using them to decipher the formations.

A group of Spirituality Sacred Clansmen kneeled before Ling Mouzi.

An old man raised a plate with both hands. On the plate were a huge bunch of life orbs, but most of them were shattered. Only three of them remained intact.

“How strong are the surviving three?” Ling Mouzi asked.


“Saint-tier elder, the three survivors are rank seven True Dragon World Spiritists,” the old man from the Spirituality Sacred Clan replied.

“He does need our people to help him decipher the formation! The remaining formations likely aren’t as easy as he says. Chu Feng is filled with lies!” Ling Mouzi narrowed his eyes as he affirmed his conjecture.

The old man from the Spirituality Sacred Clan quickly added, “Saint-tier elder, Chu Feng might have realized that they were in contact with us. The three remaining elders stopped sending us information after the other life orbs shattered. But before they stopped sending messages...”

The old man wasn’t sure whether he should say those words aloud.

“What is it? Don’t beat around the bush,” Ling Mouzi urged.

“Our clansmen said that Chu Feng revealed a gleeful smile after you retreated. He appeared to have known about your escape means. He said that he wouldn’t let you escape the next time. He seems to have other tricks up his sleeves,” the Spirituality Sacred Clan’s elder said.


“Hmph!” Ling Mouzi’s expression darkened. He had guessed that Chu Feng had other means up his sleeves, but it was different to have the Spirituality Sacred Clansmen say it out loud. He felt humiliated, especially since they dared not venture into the remnant to hunt him down.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng reached a crucial area in the chess door through the path he paved.

It was a common space, meaning that it was possible to reach this place through others’ paths. To reach the deepest area in the remnant, he would have to clear the last few formations here in the correct sequence, and a spirit formation gate would appear.

The spirit formation gate would lead him to his destination.

The only problem was that the appearance of the spirit formation gate didn’t signify that the formation deciphering sequence was right, which was why Jie Tianran didn’t claim the treasure here despite having reached this point.

Jie Tianran wasn’t confident that his formation deciphering sequence was right. He dared not put his life on the line.


There were many formations in this vast and complicated space.

Chu Feng was using the three Spirituality Sacred Clansmen to decipher the formations, as he wanted to clear the formations and leave this place as soon as possible.

In truth, that earlier gate formation was the only formation he could control in this remnant. However, he could no longer tap into that formation energy now that he had opened it.

Due to that, he had to force the three Spirituality Sacred Clansmen to swallow his formation to put them under his control. Similarly, that was also why he put on an act before the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion so to stoke their suspicions and intimidate them.

In truth, Chu Feng wasn’t lying.

That formation was his only means to curb the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. He was betting on the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion being intimidated by him.

Regardless of whether his bet worked or not, he would only be safe after leaving this place.

He knew for certain now that the earlier tremor was the sign of a powerful formation being activated. It was probably through that powerful formation that Jie Tian and the others were able to slip through his grasp... and it was likely the formation was capable or more than that.

He didn’t think that Jie Tian’s confidence wasn’t unfounded. The unknown was usually what was most unnerving.

Thus, Chu Feng had to clear the remnant as soon as possible, obtain the key fragment, and leave this place. Fortunately, the deciphering of the last ten formations went smoothly thanks to the assistance of the three rank seven True Dragon World Spiritists.

When the ten formations were deciphered, a spirit formation gate manifested.

“Young hero Chu Feng!”

The three rank seven True Dragon World Spiritists stared at Chu Feng in horror.

The formations Chu Feng had imprinted into their bodies were consuming their life force, but they had done their part in helping Chu Feng decipher the formations. They should have already made up for their mistakes! Chu Feng knew what they wanted to say, so he answered with a smile, “I said I’d consider it, but I don’t think the three of you ought to be spared. However, you did do me a favor. In view of that, I shan’t torture you. I’ll let you die a painless death.”

“You bastard! I’ll kill you!”

The three rank seven True Dragon World Spiritists revealed their killing intent and unleashed their spirit power. They intended to go down together with Chu Feng.




Three dull explosions followed.

The three rank seven True Dragon World Spiritists were reduced to a puddle of blood. The formation Chu Feng had imprinted on them prevented them from harboring killing intent toward him, or else they would be killed right away.


With a wave of his hands, Chu Feng collected their treasures and origin energies.

“Their origin energies aren’t too bad. They should make a decent meal for Eggy,” Chu Feng said with a satisfied smile.

After stowing everything away, he finally entered the spirit formation gate.

On the other side of the spirit formation gate was a vast ocean, and he was standing at the center of the ocean. This ocean looked similar to the trial he had faced when competing for the death immunity token, and threats lurked within it.

The only difference was that Chu Feng now had a footing.

It was a circular area that wasn’t too big, and at its center was a gate. The gate was only a hundred meters tall, but it emanated an air of authority. Written on the gate were a couple of words that stoked one’s unease and fears.

Those who could reach this far were talented and capable.

However, they needed to have a clear grasp of their capability to decide whether to open the door or not. Opening the door without getting the correct sequence would result in death, so only those who were brave and confident were qualified to claim the treasure.

Chu Feng chuckled. He walked up to the door and opened it.

This was the critical moment that would decide victory or defeat!