Chapter 2560 Losing Battle


That figure suddenly froze and revealed a puzzled expression.

After a while, he discovered the trail he was chasing had been completely cut off, and he finally returned.

“I’ll remember your internal qi. You can’t escape. I’m very curious about the method to sever the threads of fate.”

Qin Yu listened to the hoarse voice in the nebula map, and his tensed body finally relaxed.

His body collapsed on the spot as though he had just experienced a life-and-death battle.


“Brat, don’t bring me along if you’re courting death. You actually dared to pry on the Kingdom of Saint! If I hadn’t discovered it in time, he would have tracked you down and destroyed you completely.”

Immortal Emperor Yao’s furious voice sounded in Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness.

“How would I know the Saint is so pervert? He could track down my true body with just a trace of internal qi.”

Qin Yu said with a bitter smile.

No one would believe that in such a short time, he could pry into the true Kingdom of Saint and draw a pursuit of a Saint.

“However, I’m a little curious. How did you know that this fellow was chasing after you? With your strength, you can’t discover the traces of the Saint.”


“I was merely lucky.”

Qin Yu chuckled. He certainly would not tell Immortal Emperor Yao about the cultivation method, the Brilliance of Stars and Moon.historical

Although Immortal Emperor Yao had helped him tremendously, their relationship was merely an exchange of benefits. He could not grasp Immortal Emperor Yao’s true intentions at all.


Immortal Emperor Yao snorted coldly. He naturally could sense Qin Yu’s perfunctory tone.

However, Qin Yu could not be bothered with him and pondered over everything he had just seen.


Whether it was the war between races or other factors, everything seemed more complicated than he had imagined.

For example, the Cage of the Path of Heaven was jointly built by the eighteen Kingdom of Saint. Perhaps there were no complicated prejudices among the Saints below the fifth level?

Otherwise, how would they join forces to create a kingdom that imprisons all living beings? Or perhaps everything could be negotiated if it served the interests of the Saint, such as the annihilation of the human race.

“Did you gain anything?”

A voice brought him back from his thoughts. Xuan Xin asked softly beside him.

“A little. What’s going on?”

Qin Yu’s gaze landed on the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect that reeked of blood, and his face revealed a surprised expression.

He was completely immersed in the world of the Myriad Manifestations Gaze just now and did not notice the changes that had occurred.

“Hmm? The internal qi of heavenly monster?”

Qin Yu’s expression turned solemn.

“Martial Uncle Zi Yang triggered the prohibitions of all the sect’s magical artifacts and cultivation methods. Under the influence of the heavenly monster, this place has just undergone a baptism. Close to 600 people have already died at the hands of our own people.”

“Why didn’t you stop them?”

Qin Yu said with a frown. With the strength of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect and the presence of a Saint, they should be able to suppress this riot.

“This battle is a battle between Zi Yang and the sect master. Zi Yang has seen the end of the dark path and wants to cut off all ties here. Their battle has long since begun, and the final winner will be determined by the will of the Dao.”

Xuan Xin closed his eyes and stopped talking further.

Qin Yu did not quite understand. It seemed to involve a battle of ideas between two Daoist Saint.

“In the final attack, you took a hit from Zi Yang, thus becoming his restraint. In this battle, you are undoubtedly one of the main figures the monster race will focus on. Adjust your body to its peak and prepare to face the arrival of the monster race…”

Xuan Xin suddenly said.

Qin Yu was speechless. He only saw the dark reality that Zi Yang saw, and it did not benefit him. But now he became the restraint of a Saint out of thin air.

He quickly sat cross-legged and activated the power of the Seal of Heaven Returning to make up for his body’s and soul’s consumption.

This time, the Myriad Manifestations Gaze had a significant change compared to the desolate divine eye.

Now, not only could the power of the pupil analyze the origin but also materialize and possess powerful destructive power. It could even destroy the Cage of the Path of Heaven from the core.

He could not compare this power, but it seemed to be an energy that surpassed his Primordial Chaos power.

“Dad, what happened to you? Why did you leave so many backup plans? Don’t tell me your methods were insufficient to deal with them?”

Qin Yu smiled bitterly in his heart. He was certain now that his father, whom he had only met a few times in his sea of consciousness, had left behind numerous methods.

From the desolate divine eye, Saint Chen Shuang’s Seal of Heaven Returning, and then to the Myriad Manifestations Gaze…

According to Xuan Xin, this eye seemed to be his father’s pupil.

Judging from his current strength, it could be said to be heaven-defying. Not only could it help him enter the world of the Saint and pry into the eighteen Kingdom of Saint…

It could also cut off the threads of fate and sever the pursuit of Saint.

The heaven-defying power of the cultivation method, the Brilliance of Stars and Moon, could even spy on the Saint.

He seemed afraid of someone discovering his arrangement, so he concealed many aspects of it.

For example, the Myriad Manifestations Gaze, Qin Yu only managed to see through its true appearance today.

“Dad, what exactly were you facing? Even you couldn’t defeat it?”

It took a while for Qin Yu to retract his scattered thoughts, slowly recovering the depleted strength of his soul.

When he recovered to his peak, he opened the Myriad Manifestations Gaze again.

He had yet to see through many things about this eye. He hoped to figure out its power during the battle and increase it to the greatest extent.

At this moment, when he opened it again, countless powers of destiny appeared within the world of his Myriad Manifestations Gaze.

He looked into the distance and instantly gasped.

At this moment, sky-soaring demonic qi was heading toward this area.

One of the smoke-like demonic qi even directly locked onto his soul.

“This must be Saint Zi Yang’s internal qi.”

Just by glimpsing this internal qi, Qin Yu felt a massive shackle had landed upon his soul.

Moreover, this lock was a thousand times more formidable than the previous one in the Kingdom of Saint. He merely left a trace of his internal qi in the Kingdom of Saint.

But in the Misty Forest, Zi Yang had already completely memorized his soul power.

Looking at the soul chain of the size of a bucket, Qin Yu gave up on cutting off this internal qi.

His entire body was cold, being locked onto by a Saint.

It meant the various Godly Kings under him could find him any time with a thought. He could not avoid them at all.

Moreover, there was a terrifying monster race army. Although there were only 500 of them in the Misty Forest, who knew if there would be other nine-winged monster races or even ten-winged?

In any case, compared to the internal qi in the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, there was a significant disparity between the two, making it an extremely lopsided battle.


He could not sit still and wait to die. He must think of a way to advance further during this period. Otherwise, he would surely die!