Chapter 5945: Unbeatable Desolate Ancestor  

Demon Moon became tense as Chu Zhu spoke. She couldn’t see through Chu Zhu but intuition told her the opposite wasn’t true.

“From what I know, your ancestor was present when Desolate Ancestor slew Silver Dragon Godmecha.” Chu Zhu smiled.

Demon Moon took a deep breath and shook her head: “That’s too long ago for the current generation to know.”

“Is that so?” Chu Zhu smirked in response: “This is Desolate Ancestor’s most famous battle during the war.”

“Yes, there are many legends regarding Devil Desolate War, but we do not know whether our ancestor was there or not.” Demon Moon said.

Devil Desolate War lasted a long time, one of six heavenly wars. The finale came with Immortals Slaughtered War, one of the three immortal wars.


The two main participants of Devil Desolate War were known by all. Desolate Ancestor pioneered the two main paths of cultivation after the great calamity - the highest contribution to the world.

Moshi was different, being taught by an immortal before his dao debut. He was destined for greatness from the very start.

Two brilliant existences appearing in the same generation meant a contest was inevitable. The war between them and their followers spread throughout Three Immortals.

Desolate Ancestor was unbeatable with the saber, slaying one progenitor after another - Strong-grass, God Eyer, Bronze...

This caused a mightier existence to show up on Moshi’s side, Silver Dragon Godmecha. This cultivator defeated numerous opponents, prompting Desolate Ancestor to come out of isolated cultivation.

A pivotal battle ensued - one magnificent enough to be remembered even now. Of course, actual details eluded the present.


The Liu’s saber saint of that generation was a stout supporter before Desolate Ancestor’s prime. Was this person present during the battle between Desolate Ancestor and Silver Dragon? Chu Zhu’s claim and Demon Moon’s denial couldn’t be verified at this point.

“Your saber saint was loyal to the end, rumored to be from Life and Death Heaven too.” Chu Zhu said.

“I’m afraid we know very little about our ancestor, how shameful. We failed to live up to our clan’s prestige.” Demon Moon let out a sigh.

She spoke the truth because since their ancestor’s death, their clan had to hide like dogs to survive.

“Perhaps this is the reason why Immortal Suppression Dynasty is pursuing your clan, Life and Death Heaven.” Chu Zhu said.

Life and Death was one of the two heavens, a location shrouded in mysteries.


“I do not know.” Demon Moon said, all the top secrets in Three Immortals were out of their reach.

If they had someone capable enough, perhaps they would be able to find Life and Death Heaven again. Alas, this was beyond their current ability.

“You’re keeping your lips sealed.” Chu Zhu chuckled, not forcing the issue.

“I wouldn’t dare to withhold anything I know.” Demon Moon said respectfully.

“It’s fine, this is the end of it.” Chu Zhu clapped and smiled.

Demon Moon and the others bowed to the duo and said: “Benefactors, we will not forgive your kindness today.”

Chu Zhu shrugged and Li Qiye seemed disinterested. He smiled and waved: “Go now.”

The clan members bowed one more time before leaving.

“We’re leaving, Young Noble?” Chu Zhu asked.

The two boarded the carriage and went on the move again.

“The girl didn’t tell the truth. Immortal Suppression Dynasty does hunt sinners but not to this extent.” Chu Zhu said.

“Yes, they have something the dynasty desires.” Li Qiye said.

“The saber saint back then was amazing but this is unwarranted. It must be something from Desolate Ancestor or Life or Death Heaven.” Chu Zhu said.

“Life or Death Heaven.” Li Qiye repeated.

“One of two, the other is Supreme.” Chu Zhu elaborated.

“Where does Supreme come from?” Li Qiye asked.

“Too ancient to know but the most plausible origin is it being created by Moshi. Dingtian and Poye also came from there. I’ve also heard that Moshi didn’t create it, it is a passage to an unimaginable world.” Chu Zhu said.

“Interesting.” Li Qiye stroked his chin.

“Life or Death is more interesting and enigmatic. It is under the rule of the Lord of Life and Death, the two affinities flow there, even reincarnation is possible.” Chu Zhu said.

“Reincarnation.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, legend has it the lord can revive or throw someone into the cycle. I do not know if it is true.” Chu Zhu said.

“Interesting indeed.” Li Qiye smirked.

“I suppose one must visit to actually know.” Chu Zhu said, glancing up at the sky and thinking about going there.

“Young Noble, would you like to visit my humble abode?” She regained her wits and invited.