Chapter 5943: Do I Need Your Permission?  

“Long time no see, Fellow Daoist Minisun.” Iron Thorns bowed slightly.

“Indeed.” Minisun replied, stretching her arms first before coming closer.

Although she gave the feeling of being heavy, she moved with surprising lightness like an agile butterfly among the flowers. Her fast steps carried the weight of a hundred thousand mountains, enough to crush anyone to a pulp.

Minisun bowed at Li Qiye and Chu Zhu before speaking: “Iron Thorns, let this be the end of it today. You will not take the Liu Clan with you.”

She spoke without any aggression, only in a matter-of-fact manner. It was different when it came from her since she was from Enigma Dynasty - an actual contender against Immortal Suppression along with Phantom Dynasty.

The two sides didn’t have a good relationship since Enigma was destroyed once by Immortal Suppression. The tense atmosphere remained in the present; war could break out at any moment.


“Fellow Daoist, you have ties with the Liu? This is not the norm.” Iron Thorns frowned in response.

The Liu wasn’t known to have ties with Enigma. Starting a conflict over this seemed illogical.

“No, but do I need your permission to do what I want?” She smiled and continued snacking like a village woman, not a seven-fruit emperor.

Some wondered about her strength, whether it could live up to her reputation.

“You do not.” Iron Thorns said.

“Iron Thorns, let’s keep it simple, your dynasty is on Moshi’s side. Putting Enigma aside, I personally stand with Desolate Ancestor and I also respect the Liu’s saber saint for helping the ancestor in the past. So now, I wish to look after the descendants, seems reasonable, no?” She continued.


By this point, few had a strong grasp of Moshi and the past. Rumor has it that the severing had a lot to do with Moshi and Immortals Slaughtered War.

They had no love for Moshi because Sin was created afterward. Nonetheless, this name was still taboo so they didn’t dare to run their mouth.

The same couldn't be said about Desolate Ancestor - the pioneer of cultivation. It seemed Minisun shared this popular belief and respected the ancestor of the Liu.

“There’s no problem with your statement. I respect Desolate Ancestor since my dao debut as well.” Iron Thorns nodded: “However, our dynasty wishes for their presence.”

“Is that so? Then you have to get through me first. Come, feel free to try.” Minisun patted the crumbs off her hands and gestured for a fight.

This caused the crowd to retreat another time. A battle between Grand Emperors was no joke and could put an end to this region. Iron Thorns paused for a moment, aware of the power disparity. However, this alone was not enough to force him back since he wasn’t the only Grand Emperor in Immortal Suppression.


“Fellow Daoists, escalation is unnecessary.” A quiet voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

It came from an old man with an aura similar to the minor ghost market as if they were one. He had a third eye between his brows, situated vertically and closed.

“Ghost-eyed Desolate God.” Many took a deep breath after seeing the notorious cultivator.

He came from the three-eyed race. In theory, after reaching his cultivation level, his third eye should turn golden. However, his eye was of the ghastly type. Rumor has it that he once opened it and destroyed a kingdom in one night.

“Phantom is joining this too?” A cultivator murmured.

“Of course, a minor ghost market is under their jurisdiction, they can’t just sit idly by.” An expert said.

Everyone agreed with this logic.

“Fellow Daoist.” Iron Thorns didn’t like this development either.

“The pleasure is mine.” Ghost-eyed replied with a wide grin, exuding an air of affability.

Unfortunately, most have heard of his ruthless deeds in the past. This eleven-fruit desolate god was far from being a good person.