Chapter 5850: Fangs Shown  

“Bam!” The malicious cruise couldn’t break through the azure. After all, curses were useless against the high heaven.

“Now!” As Li Qiye was assaulted on all sides, Dao Ancestor created a chaotic expanse with his seal.

This expanse greatly contrasted with the stable azure and was ruled by Dao Ancestor alone. The nine scriptures and their powers inside the expanse descended upon Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Li Qiye promptly blocked it with a right palm strike imbued with primordial affinity.

Stonesplitter appeared behind Li Qiye and thrust his Skypiercer again, akin to a scorpion striking a prey’s vulnerable spots.

“Second variation, Immortal’s Demise!” Primal roared and swung his axe, heralding a terrible phenomenon.


Oceans of blood and mountains of corpses could be seen as he attempted to slay an immortal. He entered a frenzy and had no qualms about massacring everyone.

“Epoch Anatta Sword!” Imperial Progenitor unleashed a destructive slash to destroy everything.

The goal was to end all existences including the user, culminating in a self-less state in Buddhism. Karmic cycles became chaotic. Spectators had no idea whether the slash came before the destruction or after. Ultimately, powerful opponents would be trapped within this attempt until elimination.

“Life Wish!” Li Qiye raised his sword before his chest, harnessing the will to live from all living beings.

They had a single thought on their mind - survival. The so-called ants - whether they be from the past, the present, or the future - just wanted to live.

Their thoughts in solidarity could carry the high heaven. The most destructive blow couldn’t break through this boundless phenomenon.


“Rumble!” Immortal’s Demise and Anatta Sword were blocked.

Li Qiye didn’t stop there, shifting the momentum of the blade with his left hand and embracing the world with his right hand.

“Boom!” Its prosperity and unending nature fused into the blade.

“We ants shall bare our fangs against the high heaven!” The living beings became indomitable.

Though the high heaven was unreachable and overlords were unbeatable, they still would not yield, wanting to display their fangs.

Their destiny was their own and this belief permeated across the river of time. The newly empowered blade cut through everything that the overlords had to offer.


Time came to a stop until the first drop of blood flowed downward. Primal, Imperial Progenitor, Derivation, Dao Ancestor, and even Stonesplitter were pierced.

The magical attack frightened them; the ants had managed to bite their colossal feet and drew blood.

Stonesplitter had the least serious injury, only being pierced by the waist thanks to his stone shield. “How can this be?!” The others found this unfathomable; their impressive frames being pierced by the wills of the ants.

Living beings were helpless before them during the blood refinements, emperors included. However, when Li Qiye gathered the wills into a single place, the resulting technique broke through their defenses and injured them.

“Living beings have scales of destiny under their control. Neither the overlords nor the high heaven can change this.” Li Qiye said.

“They know nothing.” Dao Ancestor disagreed.

“When they decided to show their fangs, they became in charge of their destiny.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Nonsense.” Primal said: “Not to mention our epoch, the living beings in the previous epochs have never controlled their fate.”

“Which is why they need the world’s judgment to serve as their anima and truth. With that, they will be able to control their destiny.” Li Qiye said.

“Intangible wishful thinking.” Derivation laughed: “The world’s judgment is a mere concept with no enforcement behind it. It is useless.”

“Is the dao heart useless? Just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” Li Qiye retorted, prompting them to fall into silence.

The emperors behind the mirror exchanged glances. Li Qiye had brought up this concept before - that heaven and earth were conscious of sorts, that all actions were being judged.

They thought that it was illusory and merely conceptual until now. In this split second, something seemed to have existed but no one paid attention to it, let alone researching it.

For example, when a cultivator talked to a mortal about the dao heart, the latter wouldn’t think that it was real.

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