Chapter 5753: I’m Not A Bad Guy  

The star pondered the issue, perhaps with a frown. After a while, it nodded after thinking about such a place.

“Interested at all?” Li Qiye smiled.

The star shook its head, prompting Li Qiye to speak again: “I suppose the place itself is not interesting, but what if it is hiding something beyond your imagination?”

It contemplated again, only to end with a refusal because nothing else mattered. magic

“This does affect you, you know? Why did someone choose that place to hide things? There’s a reason.” He continued: “You know people are hiding in this Elder Galaxy too.”

It nodded but didn’t care about their existence.


“It’s fine that you do not care about some tenants, but what if they’re up to no good, doing something they want no one else to know?” He said: “Since it’s happening here in Elder Galaxy, shouldn’t you at least check it out?”

It still didn’t trust him but agreed with the sentiment.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He shrugged and said: “As you can see, I’m not doing anything malicious, definitely not attacking with a heavenly treasure.” It glanced with disdain as if saying - you think you can do anything here?

He petted the cloud and said: “Do you think we should capture and seal it for an eternity?”

The cloud immediately stood up, seemingly eager to try like a child who had been tricked. freew ebnov el

The star became annoyed as well and stepped forward, shimmering with starlight.


“Okay, okay.” He pulled the cloud back and petted it again, causing it to close its eyes and relax.

“My point is that we don’t have to be this receptive and polite to you. Killing you is way easier.” He continued.

It scowled after hearing this.

He took another sip of nectar and smiled: “These people are just passersby. Elder Galaxy has been around for epochs and you saw plenty of visitors previously, they’re not worth the time or energy of a star as great as yourself.”

It seemingly tilted its head up, finding his words to be more pleasant than before.

“Putting aside the people, the secrets and plans in there are probably not worth our time either. But, what if the space contains the ultimate secrets and mysteries of Elder Star?” He said.


The character “doubt” was clearly written on the star’s face.

“You don’t think it is possible? I bet you believe that the mysteries are already reachable from the celestial river, that’s why Celestial Court can control the treasure.” He said.

It nodded in agreement.

“I don’t think so, they are only grasping a part of it. The true or ultimate profundity is still untouched.” His eyes became profound: “The nine heavenly treasures are ultimate artifacts, if they are so easily grasped, that old Dao Ancestor would have done something already.”

It earnestly considered his viewpoint. “That’s why I’m sure there are more unknown mysteries. Someone else noticed this but seemed to have a different plan instead of pursuing them.” He stroked his chin.

It tilted its head and agreed.

“The nine words and nine treasures have to be more than just this, right?” He looked down at the cloud and asked.

It nodded in full agreement.

“What is the meaning of Elder Galaxy? Which word did it come from? Tracing this back is not easy, Celestial Court had done a great job with their time here, but they still have a long way to go. Shouldn’t we go take a look at that place to find out more?” He concluded and winked at the star.

It glanced at Li Qiye and the celestial river, seemingly hesitating.

“Worry about your safety after leaving or just reluctant to leave? But if you don’t explore, how will you know about the different worlds out there?” He encouraged: “Given your supreme abilities, you can roam the epochs freely, nothing in this world can hinder you.”

He patted the cloud and said: “See, it came out and is having a great time, come and go whenever it pleases, it’s not hard at all.”

The star appeared tempted while the cloud raised its chin, expressing the great life it was living in the outside world.

“We’re just going to take a look, that’s all.” He continued: “If you don’t think that it is fun, you can always return to this river, it won’t go anywhere.”

It couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to explore after hearing this.