Chapter 5614: A Crab

“Perhaps not all evil will come from Celestial Court.” Li Qiye said.0

“Your Excellency, please elaborate.” The man’s eyes narrowed.0

“Evil exists in the heart, a matter of self-control.” Li Qiye said.0

“Is that the target of my blade, Your Excellency?” The man asked.1

“No rush, everything has karma and destiny. For you, it lies in the mortal realm and your heart. You will know what to do.” Li Qiye said.0

“I understand.” The man bowed respectfully.0

The two continued to walk on the white beach and searched for beautiful shells. The fine, soft grains comforted their feet first with a pleasant sensation before permeating throughout their entire body.0

Shell searching was a happier process than becoming the strongest in the world.0

“This island isn’t bad, there are some nice things here.” Li Qiye commented with a smile.0

“Immortal Emperor Jing Yu resided here in seclusion.” The man tossed an imperfect shell back into the ocean and said: “The emperor experimented during his death, imprinting his dao into his bones and Heaven’s Will. Although he’s dead, he became eternal of sorts.”1

“Who doesn’t want to be eternal?” Li Qiye said.0

“But is it possible? Only immortals can reach this state.” The man smiled wryly.0historical

“It just depends on the definition and the method. Jing Yu’s result is a type of eternity.” Li Qiye said.0

“Is it truly indelible?” The man asked.0

“Some changes can be made because there is no absolute.” Li Qiye smiled.0


“You’re right, Your Excellency. I suppose I haven’t contemplated eternity, only wishing to traverse, witness, and experience.” The man commented.0

“Few can be like you.” Li Qiye said sentimentally.0

“I am ordinary at best when compared to you or the others. I seek self-fulfillment while everyone else travels the realms to search for solutions.” The man said.0

Li Qiye chuckled and didn’t say anything else. He found another notable shell and gave it to the man.0

The latter carefully dried it before putting it into his pocket.0

“So Jing Yu left it here.” Li Qiye said.0

“Yes, perhaps for the fateful ones. Other dao brothers and cultivators came and left without results.” The man said.0

“The fateful ones.” Li Qiye smiled.0

After they finished their walk with enough shells, the man bowed and said: “I have to go cook now.”0

“Go.” Li Qiye waved his hand.0

The man bowed and left, continuing to live his life like a native mortal. Of course, things might change drastically after a hundred years. He would move on to a different place - a desert perhaps and live as a transporter of goods.0

A mortal lifetime passed in the blink of an eye but each presented him with a myriad of unique experiences. He had been a shell collector, a peddler, a court official, and even a king. The mortal coil was endless for him - always different and ever-changing.0

Li Qiye went to the coconut grove and set up a soft bed. He lay down leisurely, sipping coconut water and enjoying the sea breeze with his eyes closed.2

He enjoyed these rare leisure moments when no one came to bother him. He eventually drifted into slumber, allowing the breezes to caress him.0

As the tides receded, a crab could be seen. It could have been hiding under the sand or was from the ocean, eventually being pushed to the surface.0


It was remarkably beautiful, seemingly made from crystal. Its internal organs could be seen but this didn’t diminish its fascinating appearance.0

It looked around before crawling close to Li Qiye. It circled his bed several times but he didn’t seem to notice it.0

It eventually took out a piece of crystal - not the sparkling and translucent one but something coarse, seemingly having just been taken out of an ore vein. It had irregular edges and a bumpy appearance.0

It raised the crystal piece high toward Li Qiye, seemingly wanting to chirp in excitement. He still hasn’t noticed it yet.0

The crab then made noises at the white cloud that was floating nearby. The latter glanced at Li Qiye and didn’t bother him.0

This forced the crab to climb up a coconut tree nearby and toss the crystal down at Li Qiye.2

He slowly opened his eyes, glancing at the crab and then the crystal. He raised it to eye level for a closer look. He knocked it gently and paid attention to the clicking noises.0

“Not bad.” Li Qiye praised: “Not just a simple death but also a dao burial, refining the true fate and everything else with the power of the Heaven’s Will. There’s no death like it.”0

The crab seemed to understand Li Qiye, chirping and gesturing with its claws as if trying to convey something.0

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “But I don’t need it, I’m not the fateful one.”0

The crab chirped repeatedly, trying to change his mind.0

“Although this thing is precious, I can randomly pick another item in my possession that is more precious.” Li Qiye said.0

The crab waved its claws, seemingly not giving up.0

“I know, I know, I have to refine it first for it to become a mighty defensive treasure. The problem is, it won’t be able to protect me where I’m going.” Li Qiye said.0

The crab still didn’t give up.0

“Don’t you know that if I refine it, I have to refine you too?” Li Qiye shook his head.0

The crab understood and instead of being afraid, it jumped up and chirped happily. This was akin to a crab near a frying pan with hot oil, deciding to jump in for a bath.0

“This is the first time I’ve seen a crab wanting to jump into the pot willingly, how courageous. You are a true role model, the crabs who don’t want to jump in are bad boys.” Li Qiye said with a smile.2

The crab jumped around joyfully after hearing his playful teasing.