Chapter 1809: The Start of Their Happy Ending (End of the Series)


The moment he said that, tears fell from his eyes. Shelly could not tolerate seeing Nox, a man, bawling his eyes out.

Monica, who was sitting together with Jeanne, whispered, “Nox is such a crybaby. Why is he crying when the bride isn’t?”

Jeanne also smiled. She did not expect Nox to be so weak and crying without a care of his image.

“Our groom is a little emotional.” The officiant teased, “Don’t cry. You’ll have lots of chances to cry when you realize you have house chores to do now!” The officiant’s humor made everyone laugh.

Feeling helpless from Nox’s crying, Shelly whispered, “Don’t cry.”


“I can’t control myself.” Nox wiped his tears, looking aggrieved.

Who would have thought that a man who could call the shots in the business world would cry at his own wedding?

“Have you both exchanged rings?” the officiant asked. The staff member handed over the wedding rings, and the two of them put them on each other. Nox finally managed to hold back his tears, but when he saw the diamond ring on Shelly’s finger, he burst into tears again.

“Hey, can you stop crying?”

As Shelly could not take it anymore, she reached out to wipe Nox’s tears. However, Nox started to cry even harder.

“By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. The groom may kiss the bride,” the officiate announced.


Nox looked at Shelly with teary eyes and leaned over to kiss her. Just as he leaned in, he backed away as if he did not dare to kiss her. However, Shelly’s eyes narrowed, and she suddenly held Nox’s head and kissed him.

At that moment, applause reverberated through the hall. The crowd was applauding such a brave bride.

Nox, on the other hand, stared at Shelly with wide eyes. He had always been the one who took the initiative to be intimate and she was the one who was always passive. Hence, with Shelly kissing him right now… his heart was about to melt.

He instinctively held Shelly tightly and deepened their kiss. It lasted for seconds and minutes…

“Ahem.” Embarrassed, the officiant reminded Nox softly, “Hey, that’s enough. You can continue this tonight.”

Even though it was soft, the officiant had a microphone, so the audience heard everything he said. Instantly, the crowd burst into laughter again.


Shelly quickly pushed Nox away. By then, her lipstick was gone, and her lips were slightly swollen. Seeing how Nox was just bawling his eyes out seconds before he kissed her so passionately, she finally understood why people said that a man could never change his nature! “Congratulations!” The officiant said, “Does the groom have anything he wants to say?” action

Amidst the applause, Nox was handed a microphone.

Nox held the microphone and looked at everyone present. After a while, he said, “First of all, thank you all for coming to my wedding. I thought 1 would be the one standing everyone up. After all, I was running away from the wedding and was dragged back halfway.”

The crowd laughed again. Nox was such a joke, and it made Shelly so embarrassed.

“I love Shelly very much. If 1 had known that the bride was her, I would’ve been here last night, and I wouldn’t have run away,” Nox said as his eyes reddened again.

At the thought that he could marry Shelly, he could not hold back his tears anymore, and it prompted everyone to laugh.

Weddings were supposed to be a joyous occasion, and if there were crying, it was usually the bride who was moved to tears. There had never been a wedding where the groom cried from the beginning to the end.

“I don’t know what else to say.” Nox was a little emotional, and his voice sounded choked. “1 will treat Shelly well and love her very, very much. Finally, 1 would like to thank everyone again for coming to my wedding.”

After saying that, the audience gave Nox another round of applause. Although they found him funny, they were touched by his true feelings.

Monica sighed to herself. “Nox has finally found his person. We don’t have to listen to his moans anymore.”

Jeanne smiled and nodded. She, too, was affected by Nox’s happiness.

However, her stomach suddenly churned.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Jeanne stood up and left.

Edward hurriedly followed after her..