Chapter 1001: Wives chat group. 2  

Chapter 1001: Wives chat group. 2  

Leon looked at Anna.

"I told you."

"This is way beyond what I expected."

"Why did you bring us together, Daddy?" A seductive voice was heard around.

Everyone looked towards the voice and saw the pink-haired woman speaking. The woman casually approached Victor, took Yuno off his lap, and sat on his lap.


Yuno growled at the woman, but the woman just looked at her with a look that said: it's my turn now.

"Irene, behave." Anna narrowed her eyes.

"Yes~, Mother~" Irene Elderblood, the daughter of Aphrodite and Victor replied.

Irene leans her voluptuous body, which was no match for her mother's, against her daddy, and hugs him in a gentle and seductive way, she was clearly being 'naughty'.

And Anna understood that, because of that, her eyes became even more dangerous.

Irene gently licks Victor's neck to taste her Daddy, a violet heart symbol appeared in her eyes, but she didn't do anything more than that, because her mother was watching her like a hawk.

'Tsk, clearly Daddy doesn't care, why is she being annoying?' Irene complained.

Victor just laughed gently, and caressed Irene, he didn't care about her games, for others this may seem exciting, but for him, who is a very experienced man, all of this for him was nothing more than a joke for his daughter to demonstrate her kindness.

Of course, he wasn't stupid enough to not understand why his daughter is doing this, but he doesn't particularly care, as long as his daughters want their father, he will spoil them as much as possible.


Although Irene's actions were having no effect on Victor, the same couldn't be said for the other girls, they were clearly feeling hotter due to Irene's influence.

"Okay, that's enough." Anna snaps her finger, and Irene appears next to her.


"You're grounded with me now, young lady."

"Ugh! Why is Mother Anna here!? Where is Mother Pepper and Mommy when I need her!?"

Irene stomped to the floor, irritated at having her time with her father diminished because of Anna.

The moment Irene got off her lap, a muscular, long green-

haired woman quickly climbed on top of him.

"Ahhh, Gina! It was my turn!" Stella complained.

Gina didn't care, and just hugged Victor while she enjoyed his presence, unlike Irene, Gina was smarter not to do anything in front of her Mothers.

Siren, the daughter of Scathach, and Victor looked at Gina with a very dangerous look.

Gina looked at Siren and just laughed making the veins pop in the redhead's head.

"Answering my beloved daughter's question." Victor began to speak as he pulled his grown daughter up and petted her like a cat.

Gina purposely reduced her height to feel more of her father's embrace on her body.

"I brought you all together to see my father."

"...I see, and?" Siren who was silent spoke. And her words reflected the feelings of everyone here.

A feeling of satisfaction welled up in Victor's entire existence when he heard Siren's words, this feeling was clearly felt by all of his daughters present here, and made her feel more comfortable.

"Of course, I wanted to see my beloved daughters. I can not do it?" He smiled at Siren.

Siren blushed slightly, and her stiff face became softer. "Of course not, Father will always be the most important."

"Father, huh..." Victor raises his eyebrow at Siren who turns her face away.

Victor places Gina next to her, who 'mysteriously' suddenly gained space.

The capacity rule does not apply to Victor, someone who can distort reality.

"Come here." Victor calls Siren.

Siren blushes slightly, but doesn't waste time, after all, she knows that if she doesn't act, her sisters will.

When climbing into her father's lap, she purposely reduces her height, and hugs him.

Victor strokes her head, her long red hair, and her horns, as well as her wings.

"Hmm, Father..."

"Listen carefully, Siren." He holds her face, and says seriously: "I don't mind if you want to grow up faster, but no matter how old you are, you will always be my little girl, okay?"

Siren blushes even more, and nodded: "Okay, Daddy."

"Good." Victor smiled even more and pampered her more.

Siren practically melts in comfort, if she weren't a dragon she would definitely turn into a slime right now, it just shows how comfortable she is.

While this was happening, Anna, Leon, and a very jealous and resentful Irene watched from a distance.

For her, the biggest punishment her mothers could do was to reduce the time she had with her beloved Daddy.

"See? Do you still want to get close to them?"

"Actually, I'd better keep quiet." Leon sighed.

"As I thought." Anna said, what Leon is feeling now is the same feeling that the mothers were feeling only to a greater degree than the mothers.

After all, as Victor's 'mothers' and 'wives', they have a certain authority for their daughters, but the same cannot be said for strangers.

Girls' brains simply won't recognize anyone else on the same level of importance other than Victor, they're that obsessed.

Seeing the message in the chat group, Anna sent the video she just made to the group.

A few minutes pass, and soon the reaction is seen.


Aphrodite: Umu, as expected of my daughter, she learned well.

Jeanne: Just what are you teaching your daughter!?

Aphrodite: How to seduce your father?

Jeanne: Aphrodite!

Aphrodite: What do you want me to do? Her interest is clear, not to mention that she is a goddess of love, and not just any love, but obsessive love. And as a mother, and the most experienced goddess of love, it is my duty that she knows how to seduce correctly, it will be a disgrace for me if my daughter is not as seductive as me!

Jeanne: What kind of strange pride is this!?

Aphrodite: The pride of a goddess of love!

Kaguya: I can't believe my daughter did this...

Violet: Give it up Kaguya, it seems like she completely inherited Yuno's personality. Victor spoils her a lot more because she remembers the first anime he watched.

Sasha: Yes, it's your fault, Kaguya.

Ruby: That's a strange coincidence, huh. Well, considering that Victor is the god of yanderes, we should expect one of his daughters to be born as full Yandere.

Kaguya: I didn't name her Yuno because I wanted her to inherit some bullshit from a fictional character!!! Kaguya: Not to mention that she inherited this personality from Darling! And not from me! I'm not like that!

Agnes: Okay, ma'am, I will destroy your pantheon if you insult my master.

Kaguya: I didn't say those words!

Bruna: Boss, you're right.

Kaguya: See? Even Bruna agrees.

Bruna: You said worse. You have basically stated that no one can insult their master, or they will be courting death.

Kaguya: I didn't say that!!!

Violet: Maid Yandere aside, where is Gaia?

Gaia: Relaxing...

Agnes: I still wonder how someone as driven as Gina left Gaia, it's incomprehensible.

Kaguya: Agreed.

Violet: Agreed.

Sasha: Agreed.




Gaia: In my defense, Gina is very young! Eventually, she will become lazy like me!

Nyx: I doubt that. Gina is very active, have you seen her body? You don't get that kind of body if you don't try hard, considering she's a dragon, and our muscles are even harder to press, she's doing a good job.

Eleonor: Indeed, my daughter is also following her example, she is a good source of inspiration.

Rose: Now that you say it, our daughters always train together, huh.

Eleonor: Well, they are the hardest workers.

Scathach: Don't forget my daughter, although she likes to train alone more, something I have to change soon.

Pepper: Siren, huh... My sister/daughter is a lot like my mother, who is very scary.

Siena: If she's Siren, I bet she'll love Mother's training, and will ask for more.

Violet: Just like Victor did in the past.

Velnorah: Oh, speaking of which. Girls, I finished Armor Suits.

Ruby: What!? You finished!? When!?

Velnorah: Now?

Ruby: I'll go to the lab right away!

Ruby left the chat.

Agnes: I will too, I'm curious.

Several likes were seen on Agnes' comment, practically all wives will go to the laboratory now, except those who are very busy at the moment.


Anna seeing these messages decided to inform Victor later.

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