Conclusion Xuan Qiu ignored him.

Thank you readers! Instead, she looked at Hao, who was lying on the ground, and asked, “Xuan’er, how are you going to deal with him?” “You can do whatever you want with him,” Chu Xuan shrugged and replied.

Xuan Qiu frowned for a while, before saying, “Since he used the name of heaven to bring disaster to all living beings, we shall punish him by making him bring blessings to this new world, and also feel the sufferings of all living beings.” “Sure!” !! Chu Xuan waved his hand and Hao disappeared, appearing within the Heavenly Dao.

Hao opened his eyes, but they were lifeless.

He had planned for countless years to create the new world and pioneer a new path.

In the end, he was actually surpassed by a junior who was capable of toying with him at will.

Compared to this junior, he was trash.


“Take a good look at it.

This might not be a disaster for you, and might turn out to be a blessing!” In the future, Hao would bear the sufferings of the people in the new world.

Perhaps one day, he would understand the sufferings of the common people and be free.

Chu Xuan looked at this new world and slowly said, “From now on, this world shall be called Planet Earth.” At this moment, the living beings of the new world learned the name of this world.

Planet Earth! For ten thousand years, Chu Xuan preached the Dao.

You’re all on your own now.” He looked at Ding Yue and the other disciples.


“The path ahead is up to you.

The path to the Heavenly realm has been opened for you.

” Chu Luo and Xuan Qiu had already broken through to the Minor Heavenly realm, and even reached the middle-stage of the Minor Heavenly realm.

However, advancing further would take time and effort.

As for the Great Heavenly realm, that would require them to have great fortune and opportunities.

Currently, besides Chu Xuan, his parents were the strongest.


He said to his disciples, “I’ll leave the Xuan Gate sect to you.

This is where the sect is headquartered.” The small valley had also expanded in size ten thousand times.

However, the small courtyard remained the same.

“The Xuan Gate sect only accepts peerless geniuses and only those who are fated to enter this valley.

Those who are fated to enter this valley possess great luck.” “You can take in disciples now, but true disciples must pass the test of this valley.” “Yes, Master!” Ding Yue and the other disciples bowed.

“If you two like it, you can stay in the Xuan Gate sect and help to manage it.” Chu Xuan looked at Chu Luo and Xuan Qiu.

“Xuan’er, what are you planning to do?” Xuan Qiu asked.

“There is no end to the path of cultivation.

We will meet again if we are fated.” Chu Xuan smiled.

Xuan Qiu wanted to say something else, but Chu Luo pulled her hand back and said, “Xuan’er has his own path.

What we need to do is to support him.

We will meet again one day.” “Sir, you can’t abandon me.” Su Xian’er tugged on Chu Xuan’s arm.

Chu Xuan rubbed her head.

He definitely had to bring this maidservant along.

After all, he was already used to having her around.

“Thirteenth Brother, I want to continue teaching the people on Planet Earth.

I won’t be leaving with you,” Chu Yun said with a smile.

“Very well.” Chu Xuan nodded and smiled.

“We’ll meet again if fate allows it.” Chu Xuan waved his hand, and with Su Xian’er in his arms, he took a step forward and disappeared.

Planet Earth had been around for a million years, and was experiencing another prosperous era of cultivation.

For mortals, innumerable generations had passed.

Within the Heavenly Dao, Hao experienced the sufferings of the common people.

He experienced the hesitation and despair of the cultivators who suffered under his rule while he was the heavens.

“I was wrong.

I was really wrong,” Hao muttered.

However, he could not free himself.

A figure walked over.

This monk’s clothes were as white as snow, untainted by dust.

He was handsome and kind.


Almsgiver, have you comprehended the truth?” “Please teach me, Master,” Hao raised his head and said sincerely.

“Good, good!” Demon Buddha sat down and chanted Buddhist scriptures.

Far away, Wang Luo, Xiang Xing, and the others gathered together.

“Is Demon Buddha going to convert Hao?” “Probably.

I can’t be bothered with him.” Ten million years later on Planet Earth, the Xuan Gate sect had already recruited its third generation of disciples since Chu Xuan left.

Furthermore, its geniuses were the strongest on Planet Earth, and were strong enough to take on the great responsibility of being the successors of the Xuan Gate Sect.

Outside Planet Earth, in the void region, a group of people were gathered.

Chu Luo and Xuan Qiu were leading their experts, while Ding Yue and Hei Yue were leading the experts of the Xuan Gate sect.

“Let’s go and explore the void region.” “The Xuan Gate sect has prepared many trump cards, so there won’t be any problems if we leave.

Moreover, the true foundation of the sect is the Heavenly Dao.” “Why worry about the future of the sect? We are the real Xuan Gate sect!” “Haha, that’s true.

We are the real Xuan Gate sect.

The current Xuan Gate sect can’t be considered authentic!” These two groups of people traveled together to explore the void region.

On the mountain, an ape-like creature put its palms together and chanted Buddhist scriptures.

Hao had experienced the suffering of the common people and let go of his obsessions.

He joined the Buddhist sect and became a Buddhist.

… Somewhere in the distant void region, there was a universe.

It was formed by countless worlds.

There were countless races here, and every once in a while, a race would die.

However, new races were also constantly being born.

There were many cultivation systems here.

There were pure physical martial arts, as well as profound immortal techniques, and so on.

In terms of prosperity and size, Planet Earth could not compare to this universe.

The foundation of such a large number of worlds was an invisible Dao Tree.

In the highest world here, Chu Xuan opened his mouth and munched on the spiritual fruits that Su Xian’er was feeding him.

He felt extremely satisfied.

It was not a big world, but it was above all the other worlds.

No expert could discover or spy on this world.

This was life.

The heavenly spirit cat was lying by his feet, and the sky-shaking golden roc was perched on a mountain in the world.

The spirit devouring flower bloomed with purple and red flowers.

It was extremely beautiful.

Pets, a maidservant, and everything he could ever ask for… Life was comfortable.

“You stayed at home for 100 million years, opening up the myriad worlds.

You have been rewarded with the Infinity Creation Body, an Infinity realm breakthrough, and the system.” “Your will is now the system’s rules.

You can change the system rules.” Chu Xuan’s eyes lit up.

He was such a shut-in that even the system had given up on him? He had finally broken through to the Infinity realm.

As its name suggested, Chu Xuan did not know when he would be able to cultivate to the end of this realm.

He was already at the peak of the cultivation path, the strongest expert.

No one could catch up to him.

Chu Xuan looked at the myriad worlds below.

He had personally created what he had once boasted about.

These were the myriad worlds! In the void region, a mountain flew toward the myriad worlds.

Everyone on the mountain peak was stunned.

“What’s that?” At their cultivation level, they could actually see how many worlds there were.

There were countless layers! These words had surpassed Planet Earth! Moreover, the upper limit of cultivation here seemed to be higher.

The mountain entered a huge world, which was one of the top worlds.

Chu Luo and Xuan Qiu realized that the strongest person in this realm was only at the peak of the Dao Creation realm.

However, the laws and cultivation limits of this realm were higher than those of Planet Earth.

Why were cultivators weaker? Everyone realized that these countless worlds were a huge treasure trove.

A voice suddenly rang out in everyone’s minds.

“Welcome to the myriad worlds!” “Xuan’er!” “Master!” That figure appeared in everyone’s minds.

The mountain flew involuntarily into a small world.

As the majestic golden roc flew overhead, they all saw the young man sitting on the chair leisurely.

Chu Xuan looked at the group of people and smiled.

With a thought, worlds were born one after another outside Planet Earth.

In an instant, the myriad worlds were established.

The Origin Great Dao continued to expand in the void region, and the Heavenly Dao began to spread to the myriad worlds and became the supreme law of these myriad worlds! [End of the book]