Chapter 1: Invincible After a Hundred Years of Seclusion “Chu Xuan’s words and actions are improper and harmful to the family’s reputation. His punishment is to immediately leave the ancestral residence. Without permission, he is not allowed even step half a foot into the ancestral residence!”

Chu Xuan turned his head to look at the magnificent ancestral residence and helplessly shook his head. Being punished to leave the ancestral residence was equivalent to being expelled from the direct line of descent.

When a person was hated, even a sneeze was a mistake and unforgivable.

He had just transmigrated here when the Chu family was hosting a banquet for the distinguished guests from the imperial capital. As one of the direct descendants, Chu Xuan was naturally present.

Just because he sneezed, he was expelled from the ancestral residence. Although he was not explicitly expelled from the family tree, in practice, there was no difference.

The butler brought him to a desolate courtyard far away from the ancestral residence.

“Thirteenth Young Master, you can stay here from now on. I will arrange for someone to send food over.”


The butler left after he finished speaking.

Chu Xuan was a direct descendant of the Chu family, one of the three great families in the state of Qin. He was ranked 13th and was the most disliked person among the younger generation of the Chu family.

He pushed open the door to the courtyard. The courtyard was overgrown with weeds, so it was obvious that no one had lived there for a long time.

This courtyard was far from the ancestral home and was located at the edge of the Chu family’s land. Naturally, no one would come to live in this remote place.

Chu Xuan sighed. Due to his parents’ influence, he had always been disliked by the master of the family, Chu Tianming, who was also his grandfather.

His father was Chu Tianming’s third son. He had always been doted on and had been the most outstanding talent in his father’s generation. However, his father had broken the marriage contract prepared by Chu Tianming and married Chu Xuan’s mother, a woman with no deep background.


Chu Tianming was almost angered to death by this.

Three years ago, Chu Xuan’s parents had left home without a trace. From then on, Chu Xuan’s situation became even worse. His grandfather, Chu Tianming, would become annoyed every time he saw him.

Finally, today, he could no longer hold it in anymore. Adopting the mentality of what he could not see could not trouble him, he eventually chased Chu Xuan out of the ancestral home.

It was the melodramatic drama of an aristocratic family!

Chu Xuan was speechless. However, he couldn’t change anything. It was already good enough that he still had a place to stay.

At least he would not have to worry about food and clothing.


Looking at the weeds in the yard, Chu Xuan was troubled. He was the young master of an aristocratic family after all. Should he personally remove the weeds?

Fortunately, he was not troubled for long. The two servants of the Chu family were arranged by the butler to clean up the yard of the house. Thus, they removed the weeds and cleaned up the place.

They also replaced the furniture and prepared daily necessities.

Chu Xuan finally felt a little bit of satisfaction as a young master of an aristocratic family.

He ordered the servants to bring him a deck chair and some books.

From now on, he would stay here.

After the servants left, Chu Xuan lay on the deck chair and breathed in the sweet air. He looked at the blue sky and white clouds with a bit of confusion in his eyes.

He had travelled through time. His situation was not good, but it was not too bad either. At the very least, he did not have to worry about food and clothing for the time being.

However, this was a world where one could cultivate to the spirit level and warriors could move mountains and overturn seas. As a weak little dreg of society, it was difficult to say that he felt safe.

The next day, Chu Yang lay on the recliner and flipped through a book. Other than him, there was no one else in the courtyard. After the servants delivered the food, they packed up and left. They did not even speak two sentences throughout the whole process.

He did not even have a maid!

Chu Xuan sighed. As expected, he was not welcomed. Even as the young master of an aristocratic family, he did not have a maid to serve him.

“The stronger the house, the more powerful the system is. Binding the current place of residence to the territory of the house. You have stayed in the house for one day. The reward is the indestructible Vajra Divine Art!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in his mind.

Chu Xuan’s spirits were lifted and he sat straight up. System?

A blurry space appeared in his mind and a system message was transmitted over.

The stronger the system, the stronger he would become. Every day, he would receive a reward for staying in the house. The method of which he stayed in the house would differ, thereby leading to random rewards.

As long as one did not leave the courtyard and only stayed in the house and courtyard, the longer one stayed in the house, the greater the reward would be and the stronger he would become.

However, once one left the courtyard, the records would be reset and the score would have to be recalculated.

Chu Xuan’s mood immediately brightened. ‘maids aren’t important. I just like to stay in the house. It’s good to stay in the house. There’s no danger to my safety here’!

He immediately received the reward.

A stream of information surged into his mind, and a wave of energy circulated around his body. His skin also started faintly flashing with a golden glow.

Chu Xuan felt his strength continuously increasing. At the same time, he silently circulated the Vajra Indestructible Divine Art.

Clenching his fist, his strength soared. This was especially true for his defensive strength, which reached the peak of the mortal realm.

The Vajra Indestructible Divine Art technique was a top defensive technique of the mortal realm. Even so, this world, it was not considered extremely powerful.

Above the Mortal Realm were the Profound Realm, Spirit Realm, Void Realm, Unity Realm, True Realm, Emperor Realm, and so on.

The Mortal Realm was just the most basic realm. It was also divided into three cultivation stages: body refining, meridian opening, and Qi gathering.

Only by breaking through the mortal gate and stepping into the profound realm could one truly began their path of cultivation. After the Profound Realm, each realm was divided into nine levels.

No matter how strong the Mortal Realm was, without breaking through the mortal gate, one would still only ever be a mortal.

However, Chu Xuan was not disappointed. After all, this was only a reward for staying indoors for a day.

Before he received the reward, his strength was only at the meridian opening stage within the Mortal Realm. He was considered trash.

Now that he had reached the peak of the Mortal Realm, it was almost impossible for anyone to hurt him, particularly if they themselves were still in the Mortal Realm.

Chu Xuan was satisfied, and he made up his mind to stay indoors!

Stretching his waist, Chu Xuan changed his posture and lay back on the recliner. He picked up the book and continued reading.

He let out a long breath and felt refreshed.


After receiving the cheat, he was full of energy, and his previous annoyance was gone.

“You changed your posture and stayed comfortably at home. You are rewarded with a box of qi-gathering pills!”

There was a reward for this?

Chu Xuan became even more energetic. He took out the qi-gathering pills that the system had rewarded him with and found that there was a whole box.

The box was made of wood, and there were hundreds of bottles of pills inside, with each bottle containing twelve pills.

Chu Xuan took out a bottle of pills and put the rest back into the system space.

He poured out a pill. It was brown and lustrous, and a faint medicinal fragrance lingered around it. He could vaguely sense the spiritual essence contained in the pill.

It was definitely a top-grade pill. As expected of a product of the system.

Chu Xuan put the pill into his mouth. The pill dissolved and turned into a stream of pure spiritual energy that entered his body and gathered in his?dantian1, along his meridians.

The last stage of cultivation in the Mortal Realm was the gathering of Qi.

When the gathering of Qi was full and circulated around one’s body, it meant that one had cultivated to the peak of Mortal Realm.

If one wanted to take another step forward, the only way was to break through the Mortal Gate, sublimate to the extremes, shed the mortal state, and step into the Profound Realm.

The Mortal Gate was hard to break, and countless people normally stopped there. If one was unable to break through the Mortal Gate, they would eventually become immortal.

Chu Xuan took a Qi gathering pill and felt the spiritual energy fill his dantian. It circulated around his meridians, and his body faintly glowed with a golden light.

After obtaining the Vajra Indestructible Divine Art, he managed to break through, from opening his meridians to qi-gathering.

With a qi-gathering pill, he was able to gather his Qi to perfection and stabilize his cultivation to reach the mortal peak.

However, this was not something that could be solved simply by eating a qi-gathering pill. The only way was to break through the Mortal Gate and open the door of mystery.

Chu Xuan was not in a hurry. He suspected that after a few days, he might be able to break through the gateway.