Read The Perfect Luna by Marissa Gilbert. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRiannon stood there watching how her husband, Alpha Bran of six years brought his true mate Roxy to their packhouse. Although he was insisting that his mate was only there to appease his wolf, Ria knew the hard truth. In less then a year this little abused shy omega would destroy everything that Ria loved and treasured. Being the Perfect Luna was simply not enough for her beloved husband when his mate bond kicked in. But also… their divorce wasn’t enough for the evil omega. Right before her own Luna crowning ceremony, she ordered to brutally kill Ria and everyone who was still loyal to her. However, the Moon Goddess had other plans. Ria was returned to the exact moment where her life turned upside down with a chance to change everything. A chance that she was not going to waste. Her husband and Roxy are shocked to see the sudden change and Riannon enjoys her sweet revenge. But what she did not expect was that the changes that she was making, were creating a chain reaction. Thanks to that, she soon meets her own mate – the most powerful alphs wolf in the world. And that’s when the story truly begins. Stary Writing Academy III – Girlpower – Rebirth of the Heroine. The Perfect Luna novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Marissa Gilbert .
Latest Chapter: Chapter 84
Chapter LIST(83 Chapter)