The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Details

The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage



After being betrayed by her fiancé and her cousin sister, she accidentally rescued an elegant but indifferent young master. Never did she expect to marry him and surprised many! “Sir, Young Madam took a fancy to an expensive jade.” He looked up and replied with a casual air, “No matter the price, buy it for her!” “Sir, Young Madam is fighting with others!” His face darkened and he immediately ordered, “Get her a few more men. Make sure she doesn’t lose. How dare they bully my wife?” “Sir, Young Madam has been reported having an affair with a man!” Upon hearing this, he could bear no more and dashed out without a second thought.
Latest Chapter: Chapter 1479 (END) - ending + speech, forcefully promoting the new article, “Husband of the Empire, give me a kiss”!
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