Chapter 511: Waited for Ten Years

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“There’s a reaction. President Li’s brainwaves are responding!” A woman’s voice sounded in Li Yu’s ear.

Li Yu’s heart trembled when he heard this voice. He was all too familiar with this voice.

It was Little Yu’s voice. She was Yu Xiaoqi, a top student who had once graduated from a famous school. She was a female genius with both intelligence and beauty.

Back then, when Li Yu’s company’s capital chain broke and he was about to close down, she still stayed in her position and silently accompanied him through the most difficult period.

‘So it’s her. Has Little Yu been guiding me? Did she develop the system to help me?’


“President Li, President Li! Can you hear me? It’s Little Yu. Can you hear me?” Li Yu heard Yu Xiaoqi’s voice again, and it was clearer this time.

At the same time, Li Yu felt the space around him become illusory, and his body seemed to become illusory.

Not only that, but he even felt as if someone was touching and shaking his body.

“Manager Yu, continue calling. President Li’s brainwaves are getting stronger!” Another voice sounded.

“President Li—Li—Li Yu, Li Yu, did you hear my voice? I’m Yu Xiaoqi…” Yu Xiaoqi’s voice echoed in Li Yu’s ears.

He slowly sensed his other body. He sensed a crack appear in front of him. There seemed to be light inside, and a swaying figure.


However, he was like a nightmare. Although he could hear and feel someone shaking his body, he could not move or control his body.

It was as if his soul had left his body.

“This is great, Manager Yu. The system has confirmed that President Li’s consciousness data is complete. You can activate the consciousness return!”

“Okay, quick, quick, activate it immediately!” Yu Xiaoqi shouted in surprise.

“Alright… I’ve already locked onto President Li’s consciousness. Prepare to activate the return!”

“President Li, it’s Little Yu. Did you hear our voices? I know that you’ve already recovered your memories and found all your consciousness data. Do you see the teleportation door in front of you? Walk in and you can leave the game world!” Yu Xiaoqi continued.


At the same time, Li Yu felt as if he had returned to Kunlun Mountain, to the place where he had first arrived in this world.

In front of him, a gigantic spatial door appeared in the void.

Li Yu looked at the door with mixed feelings. He was well aware that after walking out of that door, he could return to Earth and leave this world completely.

In fact, this departure might mean leaving forever.

Li Yu really wanted to return to the real world. After all, there was also a career he liked there, achievements he was proud of, and friends and relatives.

However, there were also his family, friends, father, lover, honor, and achievements here. Furthermore, he did not even bid farewell to everyone.

He was naturally unwilling to leave just like that, so he suddenly hesitated. He wanted to go back and bid farewell to everyone, so after pondering for a moment, Li Yu suddenly turned around.

“Li Yu, I know you want to find Uncle, but his consciousness data has already been lost. If you want to find it again, you need to think about it carefully.”

“It took us ten years to regain your complete consciousness. If you don’t leave now, we might lose your consciousness data again.”

“Li Yu, come back. We need you. The company needs you. The players need you. This world needs you too! When you come back, we can think of a way together. We can use the method I used to help you to let Uncle’s remaining consciousness find those lost consciousness data by itself!”

Li Yu stopped in his tracks when he heard Yu Xiaoqi’s voice.

Ten years?

Has it been ten years? Li Yu was well aware of how precious ten years on Earth were. More importantly, Yu Xiaoqi had never given up on searching for his consciousness for ten years.

Yu Xiaoqi must have put in a lot of effort to find him and help him return to Earth.

He knew better than anyone how difficult it was to recover the lost consciousness data.

“I’m sorry, Dad!” Li Yu said silently.

He decided to leave, but he firmly believed that this was definitely not a farewell. He would definitely find a way to return and find his father and bid farewell to this world.

At the thought of this, Li Yu walked through the door firmly. Dazzling light drowned Li Yu’s vision, and he felt his body suddenly sink.

He fell into a temporary coma, and then Yu Xiaoqi’s voice sounded again. “Li Yu, wake up, wake up!”


Li Yu felt as if he had awakened from a deep sleep. His senses were like the spring breeze melting the snow as he slowly awakened.

A gentle light surfaced in his eyes again, and the voice in his ear became clearer until he could feel his slightly heavy body and stiff torso.

“He’s awake! President Li is awake! We did it!” Many people cheered.

Li Yu’s vision became clearer as he looked at Yu Xiaoqi.

She was still fair and beautiful, but her once childish aura had disappeared. She was more mature and capable. Her gaze was not as clear and bright, but it was filled with the light of wisdom.

However, her beautiful eyes were filled with tears…

Many people stood behind her. Some looked familiar to Li Yu, while others were unfamiliar. However, they had smiles on their faces that came from the bottom of their hearts.

After Li Yu woke up, everyone tactfully left the room, leaving only Yu Xiaoqi and Li Yu behind.

Yu Xiaoqi helped Li Yu off the bed and stretched his body. Her movements were familiar. Li Yu could sense how Yu Xiaoqi had taken care of him in the past ten years.

He knew that after a person lost his consciousness, his body would fall into a vegetative state or even die directly.

It was clear that he was lucky. However, if a body lay in bed for ten years without moving, it would probably lose many of its functions.

However, now that he could walk, he felt that his body was not much different from a normal person’s. After adapting for a while, he could move normally.

Yu Xiaoqi supported Li Yu worriedly. She did not speak until Li Yu took the initiative to ask about the events of the past ten years.

Ten years ago, when Li Yu entered the game, his consciousness suddenly left the control of the equipment system and finally disappeared. His body became a vegetable.

In the past ten years, Yu Xiaoqi had always tried to regain Li Yu’s consciousness. She could not remember how many times she had tried and how many methods she had thought of, but she had basically failed.

It was not until three years ago that she finally successfully found Li Yu’s consciousness data and guided it back into her body.

He realized that the consciousness data was incomplete, so Li Yu still had not woken up from his coma.

After that, she tried many other methods, but she was unable to recover Li Yu’s other lost memories and consciousness data. Later on, she thought of letting Li Yu search for them himself.

However, this idea was easier said than done. She had experimented many times and used various methods to guide Li Yu, stimulate the data in the depths of his consciousness, and a mysterious power that she could not understand to allow him to recover his lost consciousness and memories in the vast virtual universe.

Finally, she succeeded this time.

Furthermore, as Li Yu had guessed, that system was indeed a cheat designed by Yu Xiaoqi for Li Yu. Even the so-called Heavenly Dao Rankings were designed by her. It was all her attempt.

“Thank you, Little Yu!” Li Yu looked at Yu Xiaoqi, his heart filled with gratitude and affection. It was not only in that world that someone was silently waiting for him.

On Earth, there was also someone silently guarding him and waiting for him. In the past ten years, Yu Xiaoqi had spent all her youth waiting for him to return.