Chapter 2  : A Rebirth’s Speculation

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After the Hidden Dragon Rankings appeared, a few rows of clear, shiny golden characters appeared below. “This ranking is the Great Xia Dynasty’s Hidden Dragon Rankings. Young elites below the age of thirty can enter the ranking. A total of 100 people will be ranked in ascending order, and they can obtain the Heavenly Dao’s reward! The rankings will be refreshed in real-time, and a reward will be given every month!”

The entire Nan’an City and the cities and towns within a few thousand kilometers could see it clearly, and everyone was extremely shocked.

Such a miraculous sight was a once-in-a-lifetime event even for an old fellow who had lived for hundreds or thousands of years.

Not only that, but the Heavenly Dao Rankings of the various countries’ capitals, cities, and sects also appeared in the sky.

The world was stunned!


However, besides being shocked, everyone was discussing and anticipating just who would be able to ascend the Heavenly Dao Rankings. And who would occupy that dazzling top spot?

Hidden Dragon Rankings # 100: Zhu Hong

Origin: Zhu Family of Liang Prefecture

Age: 23 years old

Reward: Xuanyuan Pill

Once the first name appeared, a golden light flew out of the ranking list and headed southwest.


The direction was the Liang Prefecture. It seemed like the golden light was the reward of the Heavenly Dao.

The hundredth place actually rewarded the Xuanyuan Pill.

Many seemed surprised and full of envy.

Although this Xuanyuan Pill was not exactly a rare treasure, it was still a valuable pill.

This pill could supplement cultivation and improve one’s physique. It was highly beneficial.

More importantly, as long as he stayed up on the rankings, he would be rewarded with this pill every month. It was simply awesome.


“If only I could get on the Heavenly Dao Rankings too.”

“Let’s not dream as ordinary folks. Whoever is up there on the rankings are definitely members of large family clans and large sects!”

“Yeah, if the 100th place is from the Zhu family. Ordinary disciples can forget about it!”

“Sigh, if such an expert becomes stronger, then the weak will be even weaker!”

Everyone talked animatedly.

Hidden Dragon Rankings # 99: Zhang Daniu

Origin: Heavenly Water Pavilion

Reward: Xuanyuan Pill

No. 98 on the Hidden Dragon Ranking: Wu Yuan

Origin: Million Sins Clan

Reward: Xuanyuan Pill

As the rankings began to get announced, strands of golden light flew out from the ranking list and into various directions.

The Grand Xia Dynasty, Liang Prefecture, Zhu Manor.

As a former lord and the family behind the current prime minister, the Zhu family was powerful. They had many descendants and mercenaries, and their overall strength was not inferior to some large sects.

“The Heavenly Dao Rankings has finally appeared!” A man in luxurious clothes stood on the pavilion with his assistant standing beside him as he looked up at the golden rankings in the sky.

He had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, giving off an imposing aura.

On his dashing face, there was a pair of deep eyes that seemed to have experienced the vicissitudes of life.

It remained sharp and deep, even though it had just witnessed something extraordinary.

His eyes were still calm as water in an ancient well, as only a smile surfaced on his lips.

He was the top prodigy of the Zhu family’s current generation. His talent and strength were unmatched in the entire Great Xia Dynasty.

Even the top elites of the Jade Pure Dao Sect could not compare to him.

Not only that, he was a reborn person.

Of course, no one else but him knew about this.

In his previous life, he had been the number one existence on the Heavenly Dao Ranking’s Hidden Dragon Rankings.

He knew the Heavenly Dao Rankings better than anyone else.

The Hidden Dragon Rankings was only the beginning. Three months later, the Heaven Dao Earth Rankings would also announce the Great Xia Dynasty’s Divine Weapon Rankings.

It was a much more important ranking with more generous rewards.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Dao Earth Rankings was only ranked according to country.

It meant that only the young elites of the Great Xia Dynasty were on the list.

The Heaven Rankings would appear in the future. That was the actual valuable ranking list.

By then, it would encompass a wider area that would include the various humans, monsters, and demon races.

The rewards would be even more extraordinary.

In his previous life, countless people had relied on the opportunities from the Heaven Rankings to become peerless experts.

Those who could reach the top ten of the Heaven Rankings have a chance to enter the Immortal Rankings in the future and enter the Immortal class.

“In this life, I, Zhu Xiaotian, will surely ascend into the Immortal Rankings!” Zhu Xiaotian thought to himself.

After rebirth, he knew everything about the future and was confident that he could devise a strategy to seize the fortune of heaven and earth.

He planned to utilize the Heavenly Dao Rankings to advance rapidly and ascend into the Immortal Realm.

Below the pavilions, everyone from the Zhu Family was excitedly discussing this matter. In their hearts, Zhu Xiaotian must be the only candidate at the top of the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

“Brother Xiaotian, so you’re here!” A beautiful girl with snow-white skin and charming eyes ran over.

Her name was Yi Caidie, the beloved daughter of the Pingnan King of the Great Xia Dynasty.

“Brother Xiaotian, the first place on this Hidden Dragon Rankings surely belongs to you!” The girl walked to Zhu Xiaotian’s side and looked at the ranking.

She was not flattering him, as Zhu Xiaotian was the publicly acknowledged number one prodigy of the Great Xia Dynasty. His natural talent was unmatched.

Zhu Xiaotian smiled slightly and did not speak, but his face was filled with determination.

In his previous life, he was the first on the list.

Now that he was reborn, his cultivation was higher and better than in his previous life.

Therefore, no one could compete with the first on the Hidden Dragon Rankings in this life.

“With Sister Cai Die’s abilities, you’ll surely have a place in the top ten!” Zhu Xiaotian said.

According to his previous life’s memories, his childhood friend Cai Die ranked tenth.

“I hope so! Brother Xiaotian, look at how many fiend sect disciples are on this ranking!” Yi Caidie said with a grave expression.

Half of the rankings had already been announced. And there were already more than 20 fiend sect disciples among the 50 people.

“Sigh, the righteous path is declining, while the demonic path is rampant. Chaos is inevitable!” Zhu Xiaotian said solemnly.

He knew clearly that the Great Xia Dynasty was not alone.

The entire Huaxia continent was the same. In the next few hundred years, it was highly likely that the era would be filled with demons.

The appearance of the Heavenly Dao Rankings intensified this situation.

As the saying went, nature was heartless and treated everything as straw dogs.

The Heavenly Dao Rankings were not just limited to a particular race species.

In the struggle for the Grand Dao, a myriad of races competed for the chance to become immortals and seek the Dao!

Still, heroes emerge from chaos. Zhu Xiaotian wanted to capitalize on the winds of change to transform into a true dragon and ascend to the nine heavens.

The Grand Xia Dynasty’s Yue Prefecture, Jade Pure Dao Sect.

The Sect Master of the Jade Pure Dao Sect, Perfected Yu Hua, stood at the entrance of the Jade Pure Palace Hall. He looked at the Heavenly Dao Rankings in the sky with a heavy expression.

Indeed, the appearance of the Heavenly Dao Rankings filled him with pleasant surprise and anticipation. Many disciples of their sect had also entered the Hidden Dragon Rankings and received the rewards of the Heavenly Dao.

However, looking at the full rankings was like looking at the world’s future.

He could not help but worry.

The Demon Sects already occupied half of the 80 announced places.

This was especially true for the Netherworld Demon Sect, as the number of disciples ranked had already surpassed their Daoist Sect.

Demons were rampant in the current Great Xia Dynasty, and the greater demons from all over were wreaking havoc.

There were countless deaths and injuries among those in the righteous path, and it was difficult to eradicate them. Everyone was afraid.

The decline of the righteous path and the expansion of the demonic path were undeniable.

In recent years, the strength of the Netherworld Demon Sect had already surpassed them.

Now, their younger generation was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. And the mere thought of such potential was terrifying enough.

What was even more troubling was that the Heavenly Dao Rankings would reveal this cruel fact to the public.

It was truly a public execution, leaving the righteous sects ashamed.

At this rate, it would inevitably cause panic in the world.

It could even threaten the righteous sect’s status in the people’s hearts.

At the thought of this, Perfected Yu Hua truly felt depressed.

Right at this moment, a group of figures flew over from afar.

Perfected Yu Hua focused his gaze.

It was the returning Elder Hu and others. They had set out to eliminate Shi Potian even if it meant losing their lives.

“So soon?” Perfected Yu Hua was slightly surprised.

However, when they saw that everyone had returned without any injuries, they could not help but be shocked.

“Elder Hu, why are you back so soon?”

“Reporting to Sect Master, when we arrived, the Stone Devil Mountain had already disappeared. Shi Potian was already killed by someone else. From the traces of the battle, it was likely done by a certain expert!” Said Elder Hu as he cupped his hands.

“Really?” Perfected Yu Hua revealed a look of joy. This huge boulder that was weighing on his heart had finally disappeared.

If they still could not get rid of Shi Potian, their Jade Pure Dao Sect would probably be too ashamed to face the commoners.

They were going to be mocked and ridiculed by the fiend sects again.